Saturday, September 27, 2014


Our day dawned with grey mist and chilly rain.  My son Rob and I stared out the window.     "It's a 'Going Within Clouds' day," Rob added.

"What's that?"

"It's a good day to hunker down in the cave.  Cats are already going within, dormant."  We chuckled.

Clouds and Mountains
During the quiet rain, I looked fast-forward to an enlightening upcoming travel experience.  I saw an image of myself looking out of an airplane window in flight, seeing microscopic cars and hurried concrete city vanish into patchy green and gold.  Next I visualized the clouds, below the cloud banks, through the mist and above the clouds then into the blue.  I felt and saw "Going Within Clouds" as I meditated in my imagination in stillness while traveling.

Will I have the energy reserve for travel?  How can I prepare with confidence?

Enlightened Travel
Preparation went well, pre-packing, pre-thinking, pre-relaxing!  Paul and I packed together, paring down to three carry on bags.  I remembered to ask friends for prayers and extra energy of colors and lights.  I packed simple nutrient rich snacks including various nuts and unsweetened dark chocolate.

Off We Go!  

Off We Grow!

Full Circle

Returning to the Mountain we saw long ago, Long's Peek in Estes Park Colorado USA gave us new perspectives on life.  We felt quiet all around.  We felt quiet within.  From our deck we saw Long's Peek!  We saw it in mist and clouds, at sunrise, in twilight.  We felt the energy of stillness and motion all around us.

* I shivered thinking back many years when I had a vivid dream....of a mountain peek.  Our young family visited Rocky Mountain National Park and drove up Long's Peek...."There it is!"   I shouted as I reached for the camera.  No one else knew what I meant.  The scene in front of me, trees in silhouette and all...clouds and grey and silver was my exact dream!  

Later at home I painted the scene.  I named the painting Silver Lining, better years to come.  

** During our recent mountain visit, practicing Tai Chi and Qigong with qualified instructors brought in  extra peace and harmony.

When can we go back to the Mountain?  The Mountain i Always Here....

"We sit together the mountain and I until only the mountain remains...." 

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* Aspen Lodge, Estes Park, Colorado  USA

**Silver Lining, The Dream of the Stormy Mountain, paraphrased from Silver Butterfly, Create A Vision, free illustrated E book by Dahlis Roy, PDF format.

Dahlis Roy: Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Water, Mist, Mountain and Top of the World by Rob
Earth and Sky, detail of oil painting by Dahlis