Sunday, October 5, 2014

enLIGHTENED travel

 Angel on the Mountain

                IN LIGHT?"             IN THE LIGHT?              INNER LIGHT?

Enlightenment:  What does it mean?  "In Light!"  "I got a light bulb in my head!"  "I have a sudden desire to create something."  "Something isn't working, I have to make a 180 degree U-turn."  My intuition tells me I should....." (fill in the blank).  

Years ago my friend Louise told me, "I think enlightenment does not come all at once, but in small steps like climbing a rock at a time.  Sometimes we slip back, but when we look upward, there is another reaching out a helping hand (or paw or hoof) to boost our climb again.  Every path is unique."


"Travel is Never Easy." 

Well!  Let's change that!  I set my mind to "leaving, arriving, and returning" on a trip enjoying perfect health and relaxation.   It sure isn't "easy" for a quiet artist, a cave painter at heart, to actually leave home and get into the hurried, noisy, blaring lights world...Help!

"Help is Here!"

Prepare (Anticipate)
Experience (Flowing and Positive) Spontaneous, Flexible
Recall (Store and Index Memories)

I had a health setback, OH NO~  Would I be able to travel?  I asked friends for help, any positive help!  Thumbing  through books (real  books) I also "found" by osmosis: Prayer to St. Michael (Healing with the Angels by Doreen Virtue).  Compose a prayer to ask St. Michael for help to restore your energy to compete vitality.  Ask him and his team to come to you and cut cords of anything draining you.

Ask St. Michael to "clean" your home, symbol of your spiritual health (Barbara Ann Brennan, Hands of Light, Light Emerging).

Angelic Vacuum Cleaner: (Ask Your Angels, Alma Daniel).  How ridiculous!  In short, visualize an angel coming to you carrying a vacuum cleaner!  I pictured an orange machine like two balloons!  The angel can vacuum you from head to toe, remove debris from your aura, brighten and brush your body-mind-spirit!  I tried it lying down...I "saw" Ariel!  She was white, gold, and pink.  I felt better.  What a gift!

Today I tried the angel vacuum treatment standing still after Tai Chi practice...WOW!  Like a whole body acupuncture treatment...I felt clean and bright, energized.

Magnetic Unruffling:  Lie down.  Call in your angel team.  "See" how appears.  Have one angel stand at your head and one holding your feet.  Picture other helper angels "brush" and remove clutter, waving their hands over you like an energy healing session.  Feel light and relaxed!  Sleep or nap as needed.  

Salt Cleanse:  Use pure sea salt.  I put mine in a glass jar with a lid.  Place under your bed or at night table.  The salt removes negative ions that may be present.  Recently I acquired a carved heart shaped Himalayan  Salt (pink color).  This salt has balancing properties containing potassium, calcium, and other nutrients.  Use as needed.
These treatments come from Debra Basham, healer and author.

Invisible Shielding:  idea from Carolyn Myss received during a phone conversation with Judy.  Picture your energy field far out around you.  See a crystal shield protecting you. Bring it down over your whole body, front and back like a globe of tough impermeable surface where only positive energy can radiate outward and be absorbed inward.  I added a "ring of fire" bright red flames even beyond the crystal shield for extra measure!  It worked!

Tapping for Health, Emotional Freedom technique (EFT).  Various Sources include Dr. Joseph Mercola, Debra Basham and Joel Bowman.  Stemming from Chinese Medicine techniques, daily tapping can be part of your routine and healing experience

You can ask for these help therapies daily as needed.  I am!

Thus "Armed" I was ready to travel light~

My Silver Collie Sky "appeared" in my imagination on time Friday night before take off.  Collies are always on time!

After a relaxing night in Chicago, morning take off went smoothly, my collie by my left side where he indicated he would be!  The surprise was at 11 AM in flight, more animals appeared!  My golden Collie Lad and two white horses, Sedona Mist and Camelot, then Gypsy, a black coated dog from ancient Rome, grinning with long tail waiving.  Phoebe the spirit cat came to me and stayed on my lap!  Shadrach the wolf was there too.   Smile~my life is never dull....

Later, in the Rocky Mountains, I heard a horse neighing-I answered her~She was a brightly colored chestnut mare in the paddock near our deck lookout.  It is great to feel the energy of a horse near.  It is great to practice neighing again!

Long's Peak Revisited, a spiritual full circle experience, was brought up close and more and personal because of the daily Tai Chi and Qigong classes/groups at Aspen Lodge where we gazed at the huge mountains while practicing.

Tai Chi Spiritual Vitamins

Evening Restful

Morning Awakening

All in Harmony and Balance

Return and Recollect

What have I learned on the the Mountain?

I can dream the mountain!  I can paint the mountain!  I can photograph the mountain....I can draw on the mountain's Solidity and Stillness "anytime."  

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Aspen Lodge, Estes Park Colorado, USA

Dahlis Roy: Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Angel on the Mountain, Long's Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado USA photo by Dahlis

Sunsplash, photo by Rob, sunrise over Los Padres Mountains, California USA

Blue Shadows, oil painting by Dahlis Roy.  Turned upside down, it can be evening (Yin) or morning (Yang)!

Taking Off, Photo by Emilie