Monday, September 15, 2014


Clearing and Manifesting

Recently my friend, Judy, and I talked with great excitement.  We are reprogramming some of our ways of thinking and acting.  We talk by phone and coach each other.  We question and wonder.  We ponder and emote.  

One conversation Judy remarked that a lot of needless anxiety comes from trying to be perfect.  Let's say, kitchen "chorz," endless and never quite done to our specifications.  "Lately I have just said to myself, It's good enough!"

Another breakthrough came for Judy when she got an i-phone and transferred a lot of data, scheduling, and organizing onto her phone instead of recording "information" on scattered scraps of paper, post-it-notes or notebooks full of ideas and quotes from articles and books.

The three bag rule!  When clearing a room, or a section of a room, take three bags:  One for trash, one for recycle, and one for "possible keep."  Pare down your keep bag to the smallest amount.  If you can't part with the books/info yet, store them temporarily in a storage box and put a # on it.  In a card file, or your phone program, "index" what you put in that box.  Judy said this is helping her and she can find what she is looking for more quickly this way.  This is helping her get rid of huge stacks of random papers in various rooms.

Meanwhile, keep the items moving "out the door."  Donate clothing, books and other items for friends and family to keep or pass along or to other organizations.  

"I feel lighter and happier in my own home!"  Judy exclaimed.

The Visitor

I looked out my window and there was a gold and white cat in the yard!  As I watched her, she owned the yard yet our other cats made no attempt to chase her.  Sometimes she walked near them, and they didn't even notice!

We named her Fluffy because of her long puffy tail.  She has a good home and is well groomed.  I told Judy, "She looks like a Norwegian Forest Cat!"  Judy agreed that Fluffy "indeed looks like Phoebe," her own Forest Cat from years ago!

We love our furry visitors....

"Do you ever wonder what fills the empty spaces?"  Louise Watson, R.N.

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Photos by Dahlis
Clearing and Manifesting, forest green and morning spiderwebs
Fluffy in golden sunlight