Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Journey to Forever

Words came in from nowhere.  I get a lot of ideas, between my kitchen and living room...I go to the table and write the title down quickly on a scrap of paper, lest it vanish.  I relish paper pads and pens in every room.  Sheets of hard copy notes are easier for me to sort, splice and (yes) tear off bits of them to cut and paste into what later becomes (as if by magic) blog posts or other types of writing or paintings!  Some prefer computer, tablet, or phone notes.  All are great resources!  Creativity and Opening are Here and Now.

I love to wander and let my mind free focus.  Tai Chi, meditative exercise, helps relaxation while exercising.  Seated meditation brings a stillness and inner vision.

Wander and Ponder~

"I use wandering a lot to clear my mind."  * Sanjay Gupta, M.D., talked about the importance of keeping the body in motion to clarify thought.  He may even walk around during meetings or exercise while interacting with others!   His brain works with more focus and clarity while he is in motion....exactly!

Chessie, our cat, wandered a lot about the house and yard, making her rounds and checking territories plus people and cats.  She kept close watch and was quite active.  Even near 20 years of age she got out of the house by herself and patrolled her yard, a cat with a mission.

Chessie Walks her Timeline in the autumn.  She comes again on the painted backdrop of the autumn leaves.

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