Thursday, October 24, 2013


Snail Pace
Slow Down?  Speed UP? (mostly speed up)

Dr. Hallowell is stopping to study a painting in a museum instead of rushing on quickly.  "My wife helps me to linger." 

I look out the window on a charcoal grey morning.
Spider webs in foggy grass appear.

"They're always there, but we just don't see them" Rob adds.

"Look at that!"  I point out:
"See those single threads of spider silk lacing between those nearby trees!"  Sun through fog, a realm of visual possibilities usually not seen:  unveiled!

Sunburst Awakening
Purple fog on white fence in the haze of sunrise.  Photo cannot capture its color and mood.

Crane Hunched in a pond surrounded by Ruddy Ducks and their young.  He surveyed us by turning his head sideways then turned the other side of his head to view us with "both eyes."  Were we moving toward him?  Were we standing still?  Were we predators?

Tai Chi slow down~breathe relax.  Meditate and medicate while exercising!  Feel connection of mind-body-spirit as one in harmony and balance.

"You spend most of your life running after things, doing things.  You forget that being comes before doing.  Those who remember this secret make an effort to 'be' and discover that when they stop and observe, life helps and brings whatever is needed,"  Barbara Brotsky, Author

"We want it yesterday!"  
"Everything is Yesterday....,"  Debra Basham

Daily seated meditation is helping me to calm, slow down, focus, create, and catch the moment with joy and appreciation.   The brain rests in silence.  I feel more aware.  Intuition is sharpening.

I see scattered scribbled notes: Meditate: "to imagine."  "Thought and pictures flow, write and create from the flow."  

"Eye in the Heart"~pictures inner:  "On the screen inside your mind. watching the action."

Green Light Writing!
Exercise:  Write 5 min, set a timer.  Write/Type free of thinking, spelling, or grammar.  Choose a topic or let it come to you.  Let Go~Let Grow, freedom from rules.
Resist  re-reading or correcting in digital or on paper.
NOW!  Shred or permanently delete your writing.

**  "Even though you know what you know, I know that I'm ready to leave...." 

Quit after 5 minutes of writing and proceed with confidence that you have expressed yourself and your innermost thoughts and feelings "by you for you!"  You have also let it go.

* "Delete your need to understand," Joy's Way, A Map for Your Transformational Journey by W. Brugh Joy, M.D.

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Barbra Brotsky, author, workshops

*Joy's Way, A Map for Your Transformational Journey by W. Brugh Joy, M.D.

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** Song of the Day: She Said, She Said (Lennon-McCartney) sung by the Beatles from Revolver Album

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor. 

Images by Dahlis
Snail Pace, who will "win?" Ink brush snails capture the journey
Green Light,  photo sun on green table
Rainbow Flying, photo prism of sunlight