Wednesday, October 2, 2013


* Elephant Hug

"What are you doing?  "My husband inquired.

I paced slowly back and forth in our kitchen.  My timer had rung.  What was it for?

I answered, "Don't mind me, I'm writing.  I'm thinking out loud."

"Hey!  That's a blog post coming in!"  I grabbed a scrap of (physical) paper and jotted the title down.

As I walked it became "clear" why my bell had rung, I needed a brief time out.

Returning to the NOW of the computer screen, I began writing quickly, brushing aside, the story I had "planned" for today.

* Elephant Hugs!
Debra had experienced the energy of the elephant and the joy of their paintings.  Some elephants are specialists who paint landscapes, florals, or abstracts.  They pick the brush handles up with their trunks and touch blank surface with painted brush tips as we do!

Debra:  "Elephants are thought to have developed emotional intelligence, and they have long been revered and honored in many cultures around the world.  When I was in Thailand in September 2010, I visited the elephant camp where I even saw elephants creating artwork."

I. Kaewthanasawad, Director of the Elephant Art Gallery:  "The fact is that elephant art has an immediate visual aesthetic appeal.  Paintings that are executed by sentient beings will always elicit a response because I believe that we recognize in them something fundamental.  When I study a painting by an elephant I see something primeval."

I picked up the postcard Debra had given me of a painting by an Elephant Artist named Duanpen.  The vibrancy of the abstract color design, mixed paints and pure hues, leads my eyes around the painting in a moving visual of bright reds, oranges, purple blues, pinks and veridian greens.  White spaces left between some painted areas accent the painting in motion.

 * Debra Basham's Blog:  Elephant Hugs Sept 14, 2013, story and photo.  Debra's Blog:  Yellow Brick Road Your Path to Heart and Health. 

Gallery Maesa:  World's Best Elephant Painting, Chiangmai, Thailand

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Dahlis Roy: Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Elephant Hug, Debra and Elephant Friend