Friday, September 20, 2013


Recently a showery thunder quickly passed overhead to open up a sunset spectacular!  I saw an upward column of golden coral transparent light rise vertically to balance the blue denim and purple patch of clouds splashed on the right.  Some balloon dirigible shaped clouds floated by, ringed by silver and golden auras on their exterior borders.

No time to run outside, I grabbed my pocket digital camera and shot two scenes through the front picture window, depressing the flash mode.  On the third shot, the batteries went dead!

*  Rob commented, "It's like a Fantasia sky!"

The next day a friend called and said, "Did you see the Angel in the Sky last night?"

"No, but I took two pictures."

"Well," she continued, "We were down at the beach overlook.  We had a wide view panorama of sky and there was a huge Angel in the sunset!  Her wings spread out to cover the entire sky.  She was riding on the back of a dolphin or whale shaped purple cloud."

"I'll have to look at my photos and call you back!"

Looking at my pictures on the big screen was "rather dull."  One photo showed promise of color and light, the other was a no show.  Undaunted, I printed out a hard copy of the best photo and re-scanned it into the computer with highest dpi (resolution).  Next I looked at all three photos.  "Nothing" on the digital images on the computer screen showed the light and angel form?  Where was the Angel?

This morning I uploaded the best unretouched image of the sunset onto the blog.  The Angel appeared as if by magic!

As you look upward, see the Angel's head like a light form (no face) and the golden wings spreading back over the marine form of blue/purple clouds.  The image is rather like a comet with a trailing tail.  The feathery leaves of the sugar maple on the left and the silver maple sapling in the middle give a feeling of a Chinese painting, a balance of light (Yang) and dark (Yin).

One of my friends commented that the "Angel" form is like a sideways view of a huge sweeping owl, with wings spreading and gliding.

* In a scene from Fantasia movie, I "see" Diana, the huntress, shooting the comet arrow from her bow to blanket the night sky with stars .  

Soon our own night sky will be covered with the cloak of incoming shades of night and then a sprinkling of stars.

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*  Walt Disney's Fantasia cartoon classic movie (1940), is music in motion captured by artists' imaginations.  The Pastoral Symphony (6th) by Beethoven, A Day in the Country segment, features an ancient Greek Mythical Play of fanciful creatures, a surprise storm, clearing skies, sunset, then into the night.  My favorite, the Pegasus Family, brings flying horses to life with color and motion.
Dahlis Roy: Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Angel Sunset by Dahlis