Thursday, September 12, 2013


Sun has to the beach!
  "It's a poem written in Earthscape...."

Clouds, Stillness

Water waves touch shoreline.  Primal.  Cosmic.  Softness and Rock Solid Combine.  Ever Evolving Yin and Yang.

* Sailboats' Masts Scrape Sky

A swimmer strokes by, later he swims the other way, kind of like watching a carnival game.
Dogs and People pepper the beach.

Tai Chi practice at water's edge, become the sand-rocks-water-sky.  Feel strength of legs and arms and give gratitude.

**  Lights Lit
***  Darkness Falls

Upward walking over sand ridges toward the car.  "Little dunes" Rob calls them.  Watch the uneven sand.  I walk like a cat, tenderly at first, then full weight.  Like walking meditation: step by step, one at a time and mindfully.  

Looking around, I feel night drawing its first curtain like a sheer silent blanket.

Rob and Paul are way ahead! 

"We should have brought a flashlight!"

Several days later as I write, a sudden downpour sweeps in from the lake complete with rolling thunder and vivid lightening.  As if on cue, the following song lyrics catch my ear:
****  "All I know it's pouring rain, and everything has changed...."

Beach and Sky

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 Lights Lit

* Claude Monet painted many sailboats and vibrant water. I am thinking of Monet as a young man with his teacher, Johan Jongkind, painting the upraised masts of the empty boats resting at shore, waiting patiently to sail.  Jongkind was a Dutch painter and printmaker.

** As dusk falls, I imagined James McNeil Whistler, an American Impressionist, painting his nocturnes especially of Battersea Bridge with spatterings of gold and blue.

*** Today I saw a picture in an office of Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night on the Rhone.  I stood in front of the print and saw creatures in the sky.  There were boats by the water in the dark blueness, masts pointing skyward!  The stars were bright and thick calling my eye back.  In the painting, I saw a couple wrapped up in the chilly evening, heading for home.

****Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, singer-songwriters, co-wrote Since Yesterday, Everything Has Changed performed on Taylor's Album, Red   Tai Chi Practice: Owner, Teresa Ferrill Learn Tai Chi and Yoga, with various instructors in St. Joseph (SW) Michigan USA.

Dahlis Roy: Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor
Just for Fun: Try a String of Pearls Poem like the above: words, color, light as they appear for you by you. Cut and paste words together, have fun with it!

Becoming Clear, photo by Paul

Teresa Ferrill's Impressionistic Photo of St Joseph (SW) Michigan USA looks like a Claude Monet moment.  Photo displayed with permission.

Beach and Sky, oil painting by Dahlis