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                                                                                                             Feel the Qi~

Some years ago while learning Tai Chi, I encountered a personal experience.  I jotted down some notes and later typed them out.  Over the years, the print-out vanished.  A few weeks ago, I remembered my story.  I even saw the printed paper and type font in my imagination.  I pictured myself holding the story in my hands and savoring it again.  A week later, while discovering bins of archives, writing, articles, photos, sketches and more this exact story popped into my hands!   And here it is:

Dr. Yang Jwing-ming and his Electric Handshake

Rewinding time, I read again....

June melted toward July.  Excitement mounted about our trip to A Taste of China Tai Chi Seminars held in Winchester, Virginia hosted by Pat Rice.  It was the Saturday Morning Tai Chi class in the park right before my husband and I left for the Blue Ridge Mountains for the seminars.

 I remembered Dr. Gu's words.  My teacher told me,  "I want you to meet experts."

Aaron, a Tai Chi student and friend, shook me out of my daydream.   "Dr. Yang jwing-ming is my hero!  If you talk to him tell him I said 'Hi,' and I hope to meet him someday.' "

I mused to myself.  "How would 'I' connect with a Tai Chi Master let alone speak to him in person, ask a question, or relay a message?"

The morning of Take-Off Rob, my son Rob smiled,  "Have fun at Tai Chi Camp!"

"Send me some energy," I replied weakly wondering how I would be able to get through the rigorous classes.

Rob shot back, "You're meeting Jou, Tsung Hwa and Dr Yang, you can send me energy!"

When my husband and I got to Tai Chi camp the "etiquette' rules suggested students not ask the Masters for favors, pictures, or autographs.  "It's not Hollywood," my friend Louise mentioned before I had left home.

Seeing Jou, Tsung Hwa in a Chinese restaurant and catching his eyes was heart stopping enough.  Then the next night to be sitting "front row center" for his seminar was an unplanned event!  My Tai Chi life was changing fast!

The following morning dawned sunny and hot, attending Dr. Yang, Jwing-ming's Taiji Qigong Seminar filled me with energy!  I crackled and sparkled all over.  His dynamic personality exploded in person.  Better yet, many seminars were open to all levels.  As a beginner, I felt comfortable. Dr. Gu had trained me well.

"Have fun with your practice!  Just like break dancing: shake rattle and roll!"  Dr. Yang showed the true "Creeping Like a Cat," then "Explosive Power" of Tai Chi energy.

After the seminar, I gingerly approached Dr. Yang's display table, a banquet of books, video, and music.  I searched the box of Cd's for music for Yang Long Form practice.  There were several hundred music selections, most of these were written in Chinese characters.  


I looked up in desperation.  There was a pause in the milling conversations...I took the chance while a fellow was getting out his cash.  "Oh can you help me please find the music for the Yang Long Form?"  

Without hesitation, "Here it is," Dr. Yang fished out the Cd Taiji Melody.  "Long Form music is the 88 Pattern, The Short Form (Yang 37) is on it too!"

I headed downstairs with my prize!  I opened the car door and slid into my seat.  Paul suggested I buy more products as well, for gifts and home practice.  When I went back to the counter, many items were already sold!

Again I blurted out:

"Dr. Yang, Jwing-ming, I have a Tai Chi friend.  His name is Aaron.  He can't be here today, but he hopes to meet you sometime."

"Give him this!"  Dr. Yang smiled as he extended a warm powerful yet gentle handshake.  Chinese Master's hands are often very warm with buildup of Qi (energy) through many years of practice.  I felt the electricity of the touch.

During that summer, a group Tai Chi friends met in the park for daily morning form practice.  Aaron came to practice when he could.  I didn't forget the handshake, but I was sort of shy and waited for the right opportunity.

One sunny day, Aaron and I talked after class.   He was thinking of moving out of town, looking for new paths on his continuing life journey.

The time had come! 

I repeated the above story to Aaron and added, "This handshake is from Dr. Yang!"  I transferred the energy of the handshake.

Aaron was blown away for what he called the "jolt" of electric qi that came through my hand and from Dr. Yang, Jwing-ming's original handshake.  

"I can still feel the qi!"

So can I!

  Harmony and Balance

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Dr Yang, Jwing-ming, Yang Style Tai Chi, Qigong, and Martial Arts Master, books, DVD's, seminars, music and more.  Story printed with permission from Dr. Yang.

 Dr. Yang, Jwing-ming

Jou, Tsung Hwa, mathematician, author, Tai Chi master, The Dao of Taijiquan, The Dao of Meditation, "Thank you for all you taught us...." 

Taiji Melody, a selection of Form Practice Music is now available in MP-3.

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Feel the Qi detail of oil painting by Dahlis
Yin and Yang, a study in balance and harmony