Wednesday, June 5, 2013


The Dream of the Black and White Horses

Years ago, my son, Rob and I took a drive to a nearby park for a walk in the woods and prairies.  A horse and rider came by on the trail.  How exciting to be so near to  a horse again!  I remembered my dream of a horse family, black and white, in cut and paste cartoon style. 

I pick up *Silver Butterfly and read:

"Driving home from the park and rounding a hilltop, I saw a field:  a field of black and white horses!...."

"In the dream, to the left of the horses was a broad expanse of bright green, an unreal neon hue....The style of the painting in my dream was entirely different  from the usual delicate Impressionist look.  The horses were boldly drawn and sharply outlined in black, something my father told me never to do as he coached me in drawing skills.  The sky was grey white, and the immediate foreground was white...."

"I took out my rough pencil sketch and prepared to paint the vivid dream vision.  I thought about the field of "painted" pinto horses I saw after my walk with Rob...."

There are many dimensions on life's canvas:
The Dream
The Sketch
The Scene
The Painting   

"In sharp contrast to my usual pastel oil shades, I chose bold black and white, bright yellow, and vivid veridian green.  I picked up a broad sweeping brush for sky and ground, and added horses in sharp outlines with a thin liner brush.  The paint was fluid and flowed out like a watercolor image...."

Paint Your Dreams
I proudly showed the small finished painting to my friend Joanna at our monthly informal meeting over coffee and books at a local cafe.

"I think the horses represent your inner strength.  The green symbolizes hope to develop this inner strength waiting there." 

"We can clarify our dreams with a walk in the park."

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The Dream of the Black and White Horses and Detail Black and White Horses, oil painting by Dahlis Roy