Thursday, March 7, 2013


Recently while scanning the channels, my eyes preyed upon Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.  

"What's that?"  

Daniel Strip-ed Tiger was my favorite puppet on Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.  My Mom helped me order a Daniel Tiger poster.  She helped me complete the projects and earn Daniel's black stripes which arrived by mail.  We pasted the stripes on Daniel.  When I earned all his stripes, I colored in Daniel with bright orange!

I liked Daniel best because he lived in a clock!  He was very time conscious.  He seemed like me, reserved yet observing, watching and waiting, thinking before acting or speaking.

Settling down in front of the TV,:
"I'll have a look!" 

I was pleased to discover that current cartoon Daniel Tiger, Jr. is the son of the Original Daniel, the Clock Tiger..  Dan Jr. wears a watch like his Dad.  Daniel lives with his parents in Jungle Beach.  I like the tiger striped curtains on the windows!  Daniel Sr. still works at the clock factory, inside the big clock!  Cartoon Trolley is here, Daniel's friends are here, youngsters of Henrietta Pussycat, X the Owl, Lady. Elaine Fairchild, King Friday XIII and others from the original Mr. Roger's Neigborhood program.  

I like that the "Land of Make Believe" sports blue leaved trees and and an Enchanted Garden.  I like the crayon like cartoon drawings, freshly colored in bright inviting hues. Daniel's "imaginings" can draw in space travel, finish a dinosaur story and more.  

It is nurturing to see positive friend and family relationships dealing with issues we all face like anger management, sadness, disappointment, facing fear, and making choices.  Positive solutions are explored.  I laughed out loud watching Daniel get ready for school.  He was trying to keep focused on getting organized and catching the Trolley Bus on time!  Just like me, "then and now!"

Friends Help Each Other episode hit home when Daniel has a tea party at Katerina Kitty Cat's tree house.  Katerina wants to lift a heavy chair.

"Need any help?"

"No thank you, I can lift it~ All By Myself."

But the heavy chair topples onto the tea party table, and all the dishes tumble to the floor.  Katerina learns how to accept help from others.  Daniel helps Katerina pick up the dishes and reset the table as Mom Henrietta Pussycat (Meow Meow) brings in tea and muffins.

It's so hard to accept help!  Giving (being in control)  is so much easier than asking for help (letting go)....I can totally agree! 

 Positive programs for people of any age suggest creative solutions for everyday situations:
*  "It's never too late to have a Happy Childhood."

                                                                                          ** Tiger Tale?


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Fred Rogers started Mr. Roger's Neighborhood generating from WQED, Pittsburgh, PA. The legacy continues today.   WQED was the first educational TV channel in the world, premiering in the early 1950's.  My parents and I watched WQED go on the air, emerging from the test pattern!  In grade school, we learned fractions, French, and English skills via TV in our classrooms!  If I missed school, I could watch the class at home.  Our 6th grade class attended a live broadcast of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood at WQED studios.

Years later, I met Fred Rogers while working in Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania USA) Art Room.  He came often for information about art and artists.  His original puppets are kept in the adjoining Carnegie Museum.  I saw Original Daniel in person.

The Highland Park Zoo in Pittsburgh, PA appeared in an episode of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, kids visit the zoo.  I spent countless hours at the zoo studying the animals and the ways they moved, their expressive eyes, their quiet presence.  I watched the white tailed deer herd and ponies waiting for young riders.  Silver, a white Shetland Pony, was my favorite.

Tribe of Tiger, book by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

 Write Your Own Egyptian Hieroglyphs by Angela McDonald 
Paul Lam, M.D. creates Tai Chi for Health Programs with medical doctors and Tai Chi experts.  Tai Chi helps balance and open brain functions to full potential.  Tai Chi is Intuition to Fruition.  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi instructor.  **Silver Butterfly, Create A Vision, Free PDF illustrated and full text E-book by Dahlis


Images: by Dahlis Roy
Pastel Painting:  Tiger, Silent Hunter, inspires us with his intent and focus.  

** Photo:  "Animal Tale," Sasha the Cat (above) strikes a pose similar to a Hieroglyph used in ancient Egypt

** Ink Sketch:  "Artist At Work," a peek into an artist's mind, jumbled random notes and images.  CAV represents "Create A Vision,"  What is CAV? 

Hieroglyph "Animal" from ancient Egypt is on the right.  Below it, I added Cheetah spots to mine!  "Dhls" (Dahlis) in Ancient Egyptian sketch-writing, notice the roaring "Lion" representing "L."