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*  "I had a dream, and then I got real," Rick Green 

Excavating My Book
Many years ago I had a dream to write a spiritual journey book.  What will it be?  Why would I write a book anyway?  I sure had plenty to do along with three growing children, a giant silver collie and two cats.  Then there were many painting commissions and book illustrations in addition.

My husband encouraged me to write.  I was really reeling from the dream/image of the Silver Butterfly, moonlight reflecting on a wall.  Paul told me years later, he perceived the waking vision as an Angel, an Angel of Direction.  At that time I wasn't ready for the presence of Angels.  I perceived Angels were figments of people's imaginations.

"How will I write?" 

"I know!"

I'll just throw random thoughts or inspiring articles into a bag~ A BOOK BAG!  Right away I got an image of my favorite book bag , red and grey plaid.  I carried it to elementary school.  I loved my book bag, then and now.  And so, my Book Bag idea was born.  I grabbed a plastic zip lock bag and started loading in light bulbs of ideas, fragments of poetry, drawings, and flashes of insight.

All Random, No Plan!

Recently I unearthed my (gasp) original book bag, started way back in Iowa many years ago, complete with drawings and photos!  ** I pulled out an article The Power of Music, an interview with Oliver Sachs!  


Gradually, over a span of twenty-four years, I wrote my first book, Silver Butterfly Create A Vision.  Length of writing and editing timeline was without scheduling and free of deadlines.  The book evolved and flowered.  "Life let it happen!"

One day in the 1994 I watched The Oprah Winfrey Show.  The last half of the program was about adults with ADD/ADHD.  The ADD person is basically "inattentive" while ADHD includes "hyperactivity" and other symptoms.  I sat up tall...I leaned forward.  I recognized MYSELF!  I was floored!  I had no perception of living and thinking in a "different world."  I thought everyone was "like me!"  Dr. Edward M. Hallowell, an M.D. with ADD, was a guest medical expert on the show.

Later, Dr. Hallowell came to our town!  My husband and I attended.  Someone asked the Doctor a complex question.  "If you are asking a two part question, remember the second part, because I won't."  I nudged Paul!  The audience giggled and nodded.

A few days ago, I just discovered notes I had taken in Dr. Hallowell's lecture so many years ago....while looking for something else.

"Can't Sit Still?  Don't!"  Moving helps stimulate dopamine, norepenephren, and serotonin, the relaxing "feel good" hormones.  I write and jump up and run to perform household tasks or feed a cat, then back to writing.   The same with painting.  I am not on screens for hours at a time, rather minutes online in scattered bits and pieces. 

Stillness:  Meditate
***  Recently I signed up for Dr. Deepak Chopra's 21 Day free online Meditation Challenge.  The topic is Perfect Health.  This is the first online event of this kind I have done.  By using this program, I am having concentrated daily practice in bringing my mind more into stillness and learning a lot about myself and others in the process.

Motion:  Exercise
I am grateful for Tai Chi exercise strengthening and balancing my life.  Perfect!  Exercise and Meditation Combined!  I need motion  along with stillness.  My body feels younger and stronger than ever before.  Tai Chi friends are here, joining in a world wide community of outreach and empathy.

Concentrate:  Ready-set-GROW!
Dr. Hallowell commented, "There are two 'times' in the ADD/ADHD world:
It's either NOW or NOT NOW."  Yes!

Time Management?  Allow extra time to prepare to leave your house for an appointment or event.  Clean out one shelf a day!  Organization is definitely a big hurdle for most people with ADD/ADHD.

Out of the Blue was born in 2010 from rapid spontaneous events and experiences.  I love that stories or pictures appear at random as if by magic, totally unplanned!

* Rick Green, "Start A Blog!" 
Big Yes!  Blogging or personal writing helps organize your mind in focused concentration. Blending expression and creativity spurs momentum. Left and right brain hemispheres get a work out.

Music is Power!  Music provides white noise for many people, a predictable background for creating or relaxing, even sleeping!

Tap into and enjoy your creative energy!

                                                "All is possible with the mind," Paul Lam, M.D.

                                                                                               Pastel Memories

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* Rick Green and Patrick McKenna, two comedians with ADD, bring humor and insight into Managing Adult ADD.   Documentaries are ADD and Loving It and ADD and Managing It.  I saw myself in every scene and leaned new techniques and coping skills.  I laughed out loud!  Some ADD people tend to be very serious and perhaps reserved, observing rather than participating.

Edward M. Hallowell, an M.D. with ADD, helps others with his expertise and empathy.  "I was an English major in college."  Books, Driven to Distraction, Answers to Distraction and more.

** Musicophelia book by Oliver Sachs, can musical notes be perceived as colors?

The Mozart Effect book by Don Campbell, can music stimulate different areas of the brain?

Deepak Chopra, M.D. teams with Oprah Winfrey, OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network), to present this latest meditation challenge, Perfect Health.  This free online program began March 11, 2013.  You can register anytime during the 21 Days to experience full benefits of this program.  Other programs include Meditation Library, Articles and more.  Get started with Meditation.

Paul Lam, M.D. is a family practice physician and Tai Chi expert from Sydney, Australia who creates Tai Chi for Health Programs.  Dr. Lam travels the world to promote Tai Chi for a life of harmony and balance full of vibrant health.
April 27, 2013 this year is World Tai Chi and Qigong Day, and World Healing Day, celebrated the last Saturday in April every year at 10AM in your time zone.  Find a celebration near you.  Bill Douglas is a Tai Chi expert and best selling author.
Joel P. Bowman Ph.D and Debra Basham, CHTP, NLP, HTt, RMT open your path to perfect health.  Dahlis Roy, visionary artist, author and Tai Chi Instructor.  Request free PDF format full text and illustrated E-book, Silver Butterfly, Create A Vision:  Awaken Your Creative Spirit.

Book Bag, "what have you" inspirations
Pastel Memories, Grumbacher soft artist pastels, from my personal collection of animal and nature colors