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Tai Chi blends Yin (shade) and Yang (light) in harmonious and continuous motion.

Carry Tiger to Mountain
I became a crane entering new territory.  As we headed south, I would spread wings to experience more of Tai Chi's power, grace, and strength at *A Taste of China Seminars that my Tai Chi teacher, Jiong Gu, a Dr. of Traditional Chinese medicine suggested. 

Sinking into the smooth, padded red leather booths at the Chinese restaurant, I relaxed into the sweet and sour scents of stir-fried dishes and pungent scents.  Carrying the Tiger was heavy work after a long trip through the mountains.  I was becoming uneasy about my ability to get through the wide variety of Tai Chi seminars ahead.  A Chinese Master entered and stopped at the buffet.  He passed by my booth.  Our eyes connected.  I smiled inwardly. 

The waitress poured steaming tea into China cups.  I picked up my chopsticks to spear a piece of tangy lemon chicken.  

Leaning forward and whispering quietly to my husband across the table,
"That's HIM."   


"Jou, Tsung Hwa!"  I whispered excitedly now, my eyes wide. 

 I recognized Master Jou from his photo in the book my son and I were using, The Tao of Taijiquan.  His book presented Tai Chi as a lifestyle beyond an exercise or meditation.  This book is a growing flower, speaking new information to me as I review a section, an illustration, or a thought.  Jou, Tsung Hwa is a mathematician, bridging science with Tai Chi as a living creative art.

I remembered how Master Jou had rebuilt his life at age 47, in poor health at that time.  Now, at 81, a glowing enthusiastic man, eager to inspire us with the power of daily Tai Chi practice.  My own health was rejuvenating too.  Tai Chi works!

Later, entering the lecture, there were several stages set.  Paul and I picked a stage and settled into our chairs in the middle of a front row.  We picked the correct location!  The crowd poured in.  Master Jou entered and scanned the people with eyes bright.  Our eyes reconnected.  I smiled again. 

Master Jou projected a presence of energy and spirit.  He lectured briefly, always scanning the audience, his voice and face full of vibrant life.  I took notes for personal use, never looking at my paper, a sketching technique, he noticed. 

Time for some exercise.  It felt good to stretch!  I spread my arms wide and and accidentally touched the fingertips of the girl to my left.  I felt a small jolt of electric current.  I wonder if she felt anything? 

More lecture, more exercises, I like this format.  Variety helps my concentration to stay alert and centered.  I was thankful to come from such a strong Tai Chi training program with Jiong Gu.  His exercises enabled me to keep my energy up and not crumble.  I could do it!  My mind focused and absorbed like a sponge.  Seconds melted into hours.  Crackling with energy, we unwound for the night.  I practiced my cool down routine from Dr. Gu's Tai Chi class back home to calm and center.

More seminars followed the next day with Dr. Yang, Jwing-ming and the Yang Family featuring Yang, Zhen Duo and Yang, Jun.  The presenters all emitted unique energy, teaching specialized skills in Tai Chi and Qigong.  

Tired but elated, I sped across the asphalt parking lot in the searing heat and sank into the waiting car. 

"Earth to Dahlis," reminded my husband.  We turned South on to another familiar route from our past/present.  The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia felt like home again as the blueness rose  to hurt our eyes in the blazing sunshine.... 

A few days after arriving home, I picked up the mail.  I was stunned speechless.  There was a letter to seminar participants.  Master, Jou Tsung Hwa had died instantly, broadsided in a car crash.  

Next morning dawned sunny as I drove toward daily Tai Chi practice in the park.  I still felt unbalance as I neared a two-way stop sign where I had the right of way.  Unconsciously and for no reason, I slowed down and even touched my foot to the brake.  "Why would I do that?  It's not logical," I heard myself think. 

I saw a car approach slowly to my left.  I prepared to turn left but hesitated.  I watched the car approach the stop sign.  All of a sudden the driver sped up and never looked as she ran her stop sign!  Shaken, I made the turn at the intersection then into the parking lot.  I stumbled toward Tai Chi practice thinking about the fragility of physical Life. 

Was an Intuitive Angel there to warn me?  Don't we all need to be more honest with our feelings within ourselves and with others?  How much "time" do any of us have left?

Tai Chi:  Calm, Center, Focus

How Can Tai Chi help?
Dr. Yang Jwing-ming:  "When you are deeply relaxed, your alpha brainwaves resonate in sympathy with the Earth's electromagnetic Field (EMF) producing 'constructive interference' which amplifies the vibration....Realize that you are energy.  You are not a human body experiencing a spirit.  You are a spirit experiencing a human body."

Beginning Tai Chi
Dr. Yang, Jwing-ming continues:  "Beginning to learn Tai Chi can be daunting...but like any classical art such as violin or oil painting, you simply start...and allow yourself to learn at your own pace....[later] you can enjoy Tai Chi as a moving meditation which will lead you deeper into investigating the energetic aspect of being-which actually is a metaphysical experience....Qi [energy] is real." 

All is Possible with the Mind, Paul Lam, M.D.

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*  Pat Rice hosts A Taste of China Seminars in Winchester, Virginia, June 29-July 1, 2012.  This year, the 30th, will be the last year for this gathering.  Some seminars will continue.  Jou, Tsung Hwa, "Thank you for all you taught us." From Master Jou's original Tai Chi farm:  Zhang San Feng Festival management of Loretta Wollering, June 1-3 and 4-8, 2012  "Gathering of the Baguazhang Circle" with Dr. John Painter.  Dr. Yang, Jwing-ming, Yang's Martial Arts Assoc.  Quotes reprinted with permission article Beginning Tai Chi Jan 30, 2012 on web site. Traditional Yang Style Long Form and more Master Yang Jun, seminars. Dr. Paul Lam is a family practice physician in Sydney, Australia. His Tai Chi for Health programs are created by medical professionals and Tai Chi experts.  Guided Imagery enhances healing with Joel P. Bowman, Ph.D, and Debra Basham, Executive Wellness Consultant Inquiries or request free PDF E-book, Silver Butterfly Create A Vision, Awaken your Creative Spirit.  This book, a personal journey of Tai Chi awakening, previews my blog Out of the Blue.

Big Sur Cliffs, Light and Shade, photo by Rob.