Friday, April 6, 2012


Wonders appear in beams of sunlight?  How can we see and feel beyond seeing?  Are colors appearing beyond the visible spectrum?

* "Birds navigate by seeing electromagnetic fields (EMF) through sensors in their right eyes!  I'd like to see everything right here right now! I want to see   heat waves, full spectrum colors beyond 'our' visible, auras, angels, and all the dimensions of the universe/s.  I wonder what it's like?"

"We'd go nuts!" 

"Lizards feel light through areas on the crowns of their heads.  They may feel warmth or even be warned of an enemy."

** I remembered Brian Cox, a particle physicist, held up a 500 million year old trilobite fossil.  It had "eyes!"  The trilobite was the first predator yet found on Earth.

I flashed back.  Years ago,I felt unbalanced for a day, fluish symptoms but not ill.  While resting, I turned to books.  I opened Ask Your Angels to a random page. The words describe "re-wiring," when our bodies are being made-ready to receive higher vibrations safely.  Sometimes physical feelings may be part of the journey.

*** In a recent phone conversation with Bill Homann, "We are all ascending rapidly now!  Be careful what you think! Our thoughts can create immediate manifesting, much quicker than in the past!  When you think something, it's already in view."  Creating positive forward moving images and thoughts are bringing visions to reality.  "Our positive thoughts can change the [electric] charge of the universe for the better," Judy adds.

Space and Timing
I took a picture of some freshly washed scarves drying in the sunlight.  When I looked at the photo I was surprised to imagine the face of a young leopard in the animal print scarf!  About midway down the scarf, I saw her eye first and then the rest of her face focused.

               "Imagination is more important than knowledge," Albert Einstein

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* Discovery Channel Myth Busters

** Brian Cox, Wonders of the Universe including On Beams of Light and other programs, Wonders of the Solar System, Science Channel

Ask Your Angels, by Alma Daniel, how to connect and communicate with your angel companions.

*** Bill Homann, current keeper of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, an ancient Mayan artifact.

Wake Up!  Documentary, Jonas Elrod, an ordinary man "sees" angels, demons, auras, and even more "suddenly."  How does he cope?

Eye of the Leopard, Lagadema is a single leopard cub. Her journey, life and growth.  Jeremy Irons narrates.  Filmed by National Geogaphic in 2006.  Joel P. Bowman, Ph.D, and Debra Basham, CHTP, NLP, HTt, RMT, "Imagine" and healing is here for people and pets!  Debra's Blog, post Truly Present  Inquire to receive Silver Butterfly, Create A Vision, free text and illustrated PDF E Book. 

On Beams of Light, (a sunbeam creates new "in-sight"), oil painting
and Sacred Sunlight, (viewing the young leopard) photo by Dahlis Roy