Saturday, April 14, 2012


Who is Sirius?  My ears pricked up when I first read about the Dog Star!  I saw Canis Major's star chart including the outline of a wolf-dog someone had drawn around the constellation.  I read where Sirius was our brightest blue white star, shining like a diamond in the night, eight light years away.  My Dad and I went out to view Sirius and Orion armed with our book.  There he was, Canis Major!  I imagined a giant white celestial wolf with dark eyes and Sirius Star was the dog tag on his collar.

* Years raced forward.  I met the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, Anna Mitchell-Hedges, and Bill Homann.  Anna found the crystal skull on her 17th birthday in ancient Mayan ruins in what is now Belize.  I felt energized by the crystal and felt more able to continue writing, painting, and practicing Tai Chi and Qigong with increased focus and joy.     

Sirius Blue
Much later, I had a dream where Star Sirius appeared as a beam of blue light, a mix of cerulean electric hues, aiming at Earth.  The blue beam seemed to be energizing the Crystal Skull?  The dream was a starlit impression.

Several Years after this painted dream my son, Rob, and I went out in the pre-dawn to view a star that was beaming colors:  bright red, ice blue, and neon white.  It was Sirius!  We saw colored beams of light without binoculars as Sirius rose in the East during September mornings.  Currently Sirius, along with Arcturus and some others, are continuing emit colored flashing beams even when high in the night sky, rather than just near the horizon.

Recently Edi commented about Sirius Blue painting: 
"Look, the blue star feels like an angel, like your blue angel!  I feel a head, shoulders, and outstretched arms plus rays of light.  The crystal skull seems to be receiving blue light through eyes and forehead area, but also the light is being emitted through the skull and reflected out beyond Earth."

"On the left side of the painting, I see some shadowy figures.  Toward the top I see another angel here with a darker body and lighter wings.  The dark blue also has a purple glow.  There appears to be another upright figure below the angel."

The only two colors in the painting are cerulean blue and French ultramarine blue (no purple).  The white is blank canvas. 

Bill Homann sent me a photo, "I was meditating with the crystal skull in the Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona near Cathedral Rock.  When I looked back at the skull, it had turned blue!"

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Resources:  Bill Homann current keeper of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, photo reprinted with permission. 

Soviet Cosmonauts see "Angels" surrounding their space station.  Ancient Aliens NASA, (2012) on H2 TV (formerly History International).  Also on  These Angels the Russians saw were like the blue star figure in the painting.  The film clip was black (sky) and white (angels).

True Blue and Return of the Hilazon (Biblical Blue), what can the color blue indicate?  Simcha Jacobovici, The Naked Archaeologist TV series H 2, excerpts on  Other programs include Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls, Biblical Food and more.

Get Sirius!  When I Googled Sirius Star  for references, an image from Hubble Telescope appeared, Sirius in Blue Light!  Read more.

Art Work:  Sirius Blue (top) oil painting.

Sirius-ly  pen and ink cartoon of Canis Major.  When I was a young child, I drew cartoons of Major wearing his dog star collar.  He looks quite Egyptian here!  This large white wolf had a mate named Lana and cubs.  They all wore collars with unique symbols on their tags. They frolicked with other star creatures like Pegasus, Centaur, Crane and Swan, Dragon and of course the Hunter Orion and his human buddies.  Everyone lived in Elysia, a brightly colored idyllic playground. I always love Walt Disney's Fantasia, Greek Myth Segment set to Beethoven's Pastorale (6th) Symphony.

Photo:  Blue Light Crystal Skull at Cathedral Rock (2012), by Bill Homann "Use your imagination to chart your future."  Joel P. Bowman, Ph.D and Debra Basham, CHTP, NLP, HTt, RMT  Debra's Blog new post Truly Present.  inquiries or request free illustrated PDF E-book Silver Butterfly Create A Vision.