Monday, August 29, 2011



Diamond dew sparkling morning sunlight:  Radiant!

Mauve Cosmos, atop feathered fronds, bob in the breeze.

Cone Flowers, Painted Daisies, Shastas....

Thrust upward, thirsting for sun.

Bachelor's Buttons/Larkspur glow electric blue.

Candy pink, purple, shades of dark and light, wine colored all,

I see Monet's Garden!  Wild Chicory blue frosted stalks,

Ivy leafed vines "Morning Glorious" flowers reflect sky.

Gold Coins shower space:  Sun Brilliant.

Coreopsis grew in Aunt Lela's Garden.

And she would pick the colors,

Teaching me to paint

With such precision,

Gold Flowers pinked edges:  frozen in time

On Aunt Lela's hand painted linen.


Aunt Lela was a petite vivacious magical woman of many talents.  She taught art, music, and singing.  I loved to sit and listen to her play the black massive baby grand piano and sing to me.  I looked upward to see the dark wood German crossbeams on the cream colored ceiling.  She and her husband lived within walking distance of the Allegheny Observatory in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  We all walked there one summer evening to experience Saturn and its rings up close and personal through the giant telescope!  Aunt Lela knew the director.

Aunt Lela's oil paintings of flowers showed delicacy and intricate detail.   She grew a wild flower garden in her back yard fashioned into a steep Pittsburgh hillside where bees buzzed on the flowers and birds bathed in the stone bird bath, hand carved out of the Pennsylvania rock.  I was a little child when Aunt Lela and I picked flowers together.  Enthusiasm and energy shone from her sparkling blue green eyes.  We painted the flower models on the sun porch on canvases using luminous oil paint mixed with linseed oil and tiny brushes.  We cleaned the brushes with turpentine and pointed them back to shape.

Lela's hand painted sets of sage colored fine linen napkins graced our lace tablecloth.  She pulled the thread fringes herself!  Aunt Lela made a very detailed brick by brick painting of the George Wythe House in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.  She loved capturing creative moments with painted space and time.

*Who is an influential person in your life?  Remembrance Writing met as an informal free group in a local public library for people wishing to express themselves and put notes on paper, audio, digital, blogs, or scrapbooks for sharing with family, friends and (if desired) the world and beyond. Our leader gave us a smorgasbord of topics.  We could also choose our own themes.  We learned how to express and release emotions. Public reading of our own work (this was tough for me at first), and the joy of hearing others' adventures ignited individual creativity exponentially.  This week in the Night Sky, interactive star chart and more
Allegheny Observatory Pittsburgh, PA on Wiki

The Artist's Way, The Writing Life by Julia Cameron, experience the joy of your artistic expression.

The Yoga of Drawing, Uniting Body, Mind, and Spirit in the Art of Drawing by Jeanne Carbonetti.  free PDF E-Book Silver Butterfly Create A Vision.  biography and paintings, originals and prints

Small Flowers watercolor painting by Kay Wilson, Art Workshop
Monarch Butterfly, photo by Dahlis Roy