Tuesday, August 23, 2011


In the cool of the evening Paul and I went for a walk to a nearby pond to see if blue heron cranes were visible in the mist.

The air was thick yet breezy.   A comfortable temperature prevailed.  I noticed the lush blooming gardens and thought of my poem, Flowers in the Rain.  The sky was golden towards the sunset west, spiked with palest blue and a touch of dove gray.  Then I noted an innocent small charcoal colored cloud overhead and smiled, no rain was predicted...and then it began to sprinkle!  And then it began to pour!

We kept walking and laughing in the rain!  It rained harder!  I took my bandanna scarf from around my neck and placed it over my head like a monk's hood rain shield, tying it securely under my chin.  My glasses stayed raindrop free.  By now we were dripping wet!

Before the walk, I had put on a light weight long sleeved dark denim blue shirt.  It was a perfect rain shield!  We got wetter and wetter and felt like children playing!  Turning towards home, the red rays of the setting sun painted the rain slick sidewalks, road, and driveways a rainwashed pink.  Some of the sky was pink and some was a gray lavender!  Totally soaked, I wondered how may other walkers and viewers noticed the light show?

We had a spontaneous adventure totally unplanned!

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Rainwalk, photo by Dahlis