Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Bolt of Blue
One of my daughters sent me a surprise package!  I lifted out a beautiful writing journal, spiral bound to lay flat on a table.  On the cover was a blue butterfly painting in iridescent blues, ochres, umbers, with golden accents!  I placed my hands on the journal, then opened the blank lined pages, just waiting for me to write something! 

I froze!  It's been years since I actually wrote any longhand notes that I didn't shred as soon as my story or poem went digital.  It is easier for me to type than write!  I had forgotten how to write at all!  Worse yet, I didn't want to mar the pristine journal with my usual unreadable abbreviated scribblings and crossings out!

"Mom, you could start with just words, one word, or word associations, anything that pops into your head or imagination.  That will free you from writing a finished work in the usual sense!"

I remembered my poem called Flowers in the Rain and smiled!  Yes!  This is exactly it.  To begin the flow of painted words, I will enter my flower impression on the first blank page for inspiration!  If drawings appear, so be it!

The Painted Journey
*I taught Art Workshop a few years ago.  Students came.  I encouraged them to paint what they want to experience.  It's beyond "paint the vase."  Draw out the inner child to paint from within (heart light) rather than painting from without (tracing copying).  When students paint their favorite subjects at their own pace, and the instructor guides rather than teaching prepared lessons, miracles occur!  A few students sat, staring at the blank paper.  I sensed their hesitancy.  You can do it!  The first step is line or color on paper, canvas or computer!

Your journey with pencil or paint begins with one stroke!

Like a blue string tied to infinity, intent is part of your recipe for creative awakening.  Pick up a pencil, pen, crayons, or paints and free associate your own journey dance with word-color and light-speed!

Out of the Blue, oil sketch by Dahlis Roy.  How did the colored vertical line on the right appear?  What about the smudges of gold?  Let it happen!

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The Artist's Way, The Vein of Gold: A Journey to Your Creative Heart, Finding Water: The Art of Perseverance by Julia Cameron, spark your right brain creative intuition

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*Purple Flowers watercolor by Kay Wilson created in Art Workshop