Wednesday, May 3, 2017


* Neon Wolf

Sifting through Archives, I pull out a paper.  On it is a poem written by a friend.  I read the message and marvel at the words and rhythm of the moment. 

* Wolf I am
Wolf I run
Peaceful and Serene

Wolf I am
Wolf I rest
Quiet and Serene

Wolf I run
Surrounded by Friends
Pack mates all

Howling at the moon
Wolves we are
Together and Serene

Wolves we are
Moonlight Above
Running together

Wolves we are
Peaceful and Serene
Together and Alone

I got a picture in my mind.  I hunted it down.  Here it is~

             Kerry and Black Wolf

It turned "pink?"

Wait a minute....The black and white painting is not tinted pink~  Kerry looks his usual black and tan.  I'll leave it as "pink" or other color or colors your device may pick up.  Go Figure.

The above painting is a remake of the one below, the original watercolor dream, painted from a different angle.  Will the wolf cross the pond?  Is it frozen?  Is it solid?  His coat is shaggy with snow.  His slanted eyes show deep intent.  Spring  snow?  It is still present in some areas of the USA mountains.

Who is Black Wolf? 
Originally Black Wolf was an image that came to me years ago. I had a dream vision of a black lone wolf coming to a frozen pond.  I sketched a watercolor.  Crossing or Not?    

               Thin Ice

** Meanwhile I saw a video called the Rise of Black Wolf, a wolf like no other, a wolf who broke all the rules, from National Geographic Wild.
Eventually I painted a portrait picture of Black Wolf, surrounded by blue and green.  Later a friend took Black Wolf home.


Who is Kerry?
Kerry is one of my three German Shepherd dog plastic sculptures from ***Breyer, sold as portraits of Roy Rodger's dog Bullet from the TV series, for kids who liked animals.  Naturally I named all the dogs and marked all them differently.  Each had his name and personality.  Kerry is the dark coated one.  Kerry is more playful than Jerry, his sire.  I also still have Prince, Jerry's lion-like brother.

I loved pencil sketching endless drawings of the dog models, teaching me how to draw and how to shade the muscular bodies and practice fetching expressions.  Collies had lots of coat, covering their structure.  It was easier to learn from a shorter coated dog model.

Kerry and the Wolf Shadow

Kerry remembers his timeline....

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* Neon Wolf, painting and original Wolf Poem (copyright 2006) by Francesca, photo by Francesca

**Rise of Black Wolf, National Geographic Wild, "a wolf like no other."

*** Breyer, models of many breeds of horses, dogs, and more

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Neon Wolf painting of Shadrach by Francesca, photo by Francesca.  Photo displayed with permission.

Thin Ice, water color sketch by Dahlis

Courage, oil painting by Dahlis.  Look above the head of the wolf, there is an unexpected spirit wolf appearing there along with an aura around Black Wolf. 

Kerry and the Wolf Shadow, photo by Dahlis