Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Roses in Lace

Drawing the Curtain?  What does it mean?  Close the curtain on a chapter of your life, a memory?  Open the curtain to a new sunny day, a new beginning, a new perspective?

Years ago in art class, we penciled, crayoned, charcoaled, and painted "drapery studies."  What value does this have if any?  We painted draped sheets, clothes, patterns in colors and blacks and whites.  We learned about the grey scale and how to paint and define shadows?  What?  I learned about sharp edges and soft, about thick and thin, about solids, transparents, and translucent effects.  I learned against my will.

I love lace curtains.  I love them from ages past.  I remember my mom stretched newly washed sheer curtains on stretcher boards to dry before hanging again.  I stayed away from stretcher boards because I might easily prick my fingers on the needle sharp projections. 

Mrs. Harris, the cat, studies shadows and light.

*Pretty Lace with Green Plant

I love patterned lace, some with wheels, or rosettes embedded into the designs.  Drapery study techniques are useful in this painting

Curtains of Light

One midmorning, lavender light came in through the window.  The sheer white curtains, tinged with a blend of red and blue light rays, blended into a stunning hue in the spring sunlight.  Patterns shifted and vibrated, almost like mountains and water and rays of light.

Use the sky as your blank paper....

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Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist Author and Tai Chi Instructor

Images by Dahlis:
Roses in Lace, photo
Shadows and Light, photo
*Pretty Lace with Green Plant, detail of lace from Colby Jack's kitten oil portrait
Curtains of Light, lavender light through sheer white curtains