Sunday, April 9, 2017


* "Be Yourself, no matter what they say...."

Bits and Pieces, visible and invisible, come into play, snips of lyrics, melodies, hums, dreams, and more are here.

How do musicians stitch together sound bytes?  What does sound look like?  Painted Sound, Digital Sound?  "Behind the Seams" of a song or symphony, how can it happen?

** "When I write music or conduct a symphony I see pictures, landscapes, scenes.  I basically write and play from pictures." 

*** Aum Frequency, Digital Art from Spoken Voice 

Musical DNA:
"I know that song, I've heard it before!"  Instant Recognition connects pathways into past, present, and future.  "Are you playing with time?"  I can hear the zither tones of ****The Third Man Theme by Anton Karas.  I'd know it anywhere!  I feel the DNA of the deep soul through music.

Is creativity or ways of thinking a genetic trend?  "I come from a family of (name your creative traits)."  How much does nurturing play a role?  My mom and dad encouraged reading, writing, and drawing from an early age.  Luckily, TV came into being!  Radio was already here. 

"Good Teachers!"

The Big Radio, musical nutrition

William Blake, poet, painter, engraver, author is coming into view:
+ "On windy days and moonless nights,
Blake wears a coat of shifting lights.
The tailor now has grown so clever
He stitches light and dark together...."

and so it is also with personal journeys, stitching together the painted, written, woven, spoken, crafted, and musical fabrics of our individual emotional soundtracks and musical landscape creations.

++ Piano Key beaded necklace, designed and created by Zoe

Musical Architecture:  takes many forms from analogue to digital, structures of sound, color and light, real and imagined, come into luminous physical and non-physical realites.

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* Sting, musician, singer songwriter, lyrics and music from the song, An Englishman in New York. AUD Audience from Direct TV, Album Release Party NYC Irving Plaza, interview and performances through i Heart Radio, 2017 

** Lang Lang, composer, conductor, Bloomberg TV 2017, interview

*** Jay Van Shelt, Paintings, Prints, Digital Creations and Sound Art, Mad Hatter's Studio

****  The Third Man Theme, music for the movie, The Third Man (1949) by Anton Karas, youtube and Wikipedia

+ A Visit to William Blake's Inn, Poems for Innocent and Experienced Travelers  for children of all ages by Nancy Willard.  Illustrations by Alice and Martin Provensen.  Quote from p. 43, story is Blake Tells the Tiger the Tale of the Tailor.

++ Zoe Zaroff, Jewelry by Zoe, hand crafted, custom designs available, beading, torch work and more.

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author and Tai Chi Instructor

Aum Frequency, Art from Sound, Jay Van Shelt, photo reprinted with permission

Fun with Sound, that's me having a listen to the Big Radio, photo by my Dad, Robert G. Diess

Piano Key Beaded Necklace, created by Zoe Zaroff, photo by Dahlis