Wednesday, January 25, 2017


* "I'm being erased...."

Several years ago I experienced an ** "out of sink" (sync) experience.  I felt multidimensional?  What is this?

* A couple of days (daze?) ago I watched * Back to the Future movie, all of it, all at one "time."  Back to the Future is a blend of comedy, intensity, suspense, light, dark, space-time and more.  Photographs of people were mysteriously being erased in the movie?  Every time I watch these scenes, I learn something new, reluctantly.   

This time I learned most of my sleeping dreams are actually observing myself, like in a movie.  Until recently, most of my current life was spent observing a timeline, rather than experiencing and enjoying moments.  Now that I am more aware, now what? 

As the the movie unrolled, I also noticed the time travel car's dashboard programed for "time" of arrival and departure....what does that mean?  Shades of keypads to come ~ rethink keypads? 

One Minute Meditation
+ After seeing the numeric dashboard, I thought about number combinations "noticed" often on the digital clock such as 11:11 (new beginnings, being rewired to receive higher vibrations safely).  Lately I pause and take a couple of deep breaths, stand still, free of thought, and stretch while these sequences float by.  Sometimes the minute is "long" and sometimes it is very short.  When the clock changes, I continue on with my day or night~

If get a full minute to watch the clock in stillness, I get restless.  "This is the longest minute ever."  Other number combinations I watch are 444 and 108.  However, when "I stop the clock" I feel better! 

Einstein, the dog in Back to the Future, experienced a time travel experience. 

* "He skipped a minute."

**** "There is no difference between the visible and the invisible ~ None."

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