Saturday, January 7, 2017


Point of Entry
On January 6 Celebration of Epiphany, our "great furry" kitten arrived in the midst of a blizzard.  He was crouched and crying on our back patio steps.  We warmed him and fed him and took him into our hearts.  Look at him now he is 17 pounds of very soft and furry black and tan with hints of silver.  

Eyes Wide Open
Here we see Ruff  all decked out and asleep on a patterned blanket.  However his protective "eye spots" appear to be staring at us with the look of "leave me alone" expression.  The eye spots only appear when the light is just right to pick up the tiny silvery toned hairs just above his eyes.  "Beware of the Cat~"

Teen Ruff
When Ruff was younger, he appeared all eyes and feet.  Look at the size of those paws!  Snow Shoes for winter starting in the spring. He looks like he has two pairs of eyes counting his protective eye spots.

It is the blue and white winter here.  I reflected back to White Stag, sprinkled with snow and stars.  I marvel at the adaptations of people and creatures to evolve in ever changing climates and shifting seasons. 

Mane Event
Ruff grows massive hair in the winter, he looks like a small wolverine as he bounds through the snow.  However, gentle Ruff  likes indoor weather much better in a warm deep den called "home."  He looks forward to brushing, and purrs applause.  "Our Little Viking~"


 Winter Moonset

* "And now the moon like a white rose shone~"  W.B. Yeats

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