Thursday, August 4, 2016


Walking in the Sand, Feel the Breeze, The Warming Sunshine.... Breathe the Clarity of the Moment...Visible and Invisible

 Footprints, Swim, and Beach Walk~

Beam of Energy
Feel the Qi 


I feel I have been a bit MIA (missing in action) recently.  Or maybe this has been going on a long, long time?  Some of my friends feel it too.  

Sifting through random notes (it's all random), I read:  "unified field, strong quantum energy transfers between people....photons....communicate with your animal with pictures in your head...." (smile).

"All of the above..."

I kick back and return within, a bit of rest, bits of paint and words, and breathing in music and silence.  It's working Focus is returning, feeling better after some ** "flu-like symptoms."  I am never a patient patient....

*  "Our perceptions color our realities," Oprah Winfrey

*  "You are the painter and can change the picture anytime you want," Deepak Chopra

Paint a Vivid Picture!

                    Waking in the Sand Again.... 

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Footprints, Swim, and Beach Walk, contributed by a friend

Beam of Energy, Feel the Qi, contributed by Bill Homann