Tuesday, July 19, 2016


+ "Hello Beautiful You!"

 Recently I saw a white moth attached to our screen door in the dark of night.  How will I capture the picture?  I'll have to try.

The lovely silent creature appeared filmy, almost angelic, dancing, reaching upward.

* Lately I have been in chrysalis~I feel like a little green lantern attached to a twig.

What's That?

Feels like a state of non being, jumbled, dazed, confused, mild flu like symptoms.  Some others I know are also experiencing this " non sickness" including wandering pain especially in the hips.  What is this?

I feel like I am being "rewired." [again]

Years ago, I felt achy and out of place for several days.  I visited a friend, knowing I was not contagious.  "You're being rewired so you can receive higher vibrations safely," she told me.

"What's rewiring?"

"What you are experiencing."

Handing me a book, she continued, "Rewiring is in this book along with other Angel Information.  Someone gave me this book, but I believe it is for you~"

"Thank you~" 

I look up the book entry again.
**  Ask Your Angels by Alma Daniel:
"Wiring Angels upgrade our systems and increase our capacity for awareness....the process of rewiring can be unsettling and disorienting....if you have flu like symptoms but you don't have a fever, and you know you're not sick-you're probably being rewired...."

***  Randomly I open a Shirley MacLaine, book and read: 
"What If our DNA is being activated into a new awareness?"

Are We Listening?

+  "Your answer may be in the form of a feather floating softly to the ground...." Sue Broome, Message from the Angels.

"Here We Grow Again~"

**** "Delete Your Need to Understand," Brugh Joy

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** Ask Your Angels, A Practical Guide to Working with the Messengers of Heaven to Empower and Enrich Your Life by Alma Daniel, quote from A Wiring Angel p. 195.

*** Shirley MacLaine, actress, author, and spiritual teacher, book What If (2013), DNA Changing quote and article p. 196-198. Other books by Shirley include Out on a Limb and The Camino. 

**** Quote by Brugh Joy on Debra Basham's post, The Three Injunctions, on blog,Yellow Brick Road, Your Path to Heart and Health, July 19, 2016.  Quote from Joy's Way: A Map for the Transformational Journey. 

+ Sue Broome, Empowerment4You,com Sue is an Author and Certified Angel Card Reader. Free Newsletter Messages from the Angels and more via E-mail. Quotes from Sue's Blog, June 23, 2016 Listening with Heart/Body, Message from the Angels.  

Doreen Virtue:  All Things Angel, Healing with the Angels and other books. 

Music: Song of the Day: I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, U-2's Greatest Hits (1980-1990)

Dahlis Roy: Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor 

Photos by Dahlis
The White Moth