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In the previous post, Stage of Light, I thought about my own choice of stage lighting.  What will I choose?  How about you? 

Does light stimulate you?

* "Bright Blue Light from electronic devices sears itself into our minds and fools us into thinking it's still daylight outside....falling asleep seems unnatural."  We love our digital connections~TV, computer screens, tablets, phones of all kinds and more~We love it all.

** Recently, I tried a moderate digital detox with excellent results....I felt my vision sharpen, sleep improved, and I was less anxious and quick to anger.  I minimized TV  and even watched some shows with eyes closed!  Blocking out unnecessary stimulation and eye strain.  Same with creative screen time and connections to social media.  I might even run in for a brief ten minutes here or there, then "come back later."  I liked moving more, free of sitting still too long.

I like running in and out of a TV program, depending on the subject, yet getting a full effect.

With less screen time, I found I could actually be more in the present enjoyable moment, focusing on family and friends is easier.  

*** I heard, "I draw into the present moment with joy and ease,"  Deepak Chopra
I especially liked "draw" myself into the present moment, It's the "joy and ease" I am working on~

Better yet I have been "on time" for events and classes recently.  I like that!  I like the freedom from of last minute rush out the door.  I feel increased calm.

"Now" Back to (Y)our Show~
Center Stage
What about your stage setting?  What will you present?  Or invent multiple presentations for your audience with topics you love.  Think of this as a creative meditation, a daydream, of unlimited possibilities.

I'd have an easel with a blank canvas on it~brushes, paints.

I'd choose Deuter's Wind and Mountain, calming yet energizing.

My stage light would be "blue" as the primary color~I might have wisps of pink for a bit of brightness.  I love blue light~hands down.  

Warm Up?
I'd start with a bit of warm up Tai Chi/Qigong, as I do at home before painting.  Audience can follow if they like, then~

While painting an unplanned scene, I'd invite question and answer from the "all ages welcome" audience, fun and spontaneous.  Relaxing, enjoyable.  What will I paint? Unknown.

Cool Down?
A bit of cool down exercise Qigong after the show, to settle and calm myself and audience.

Everyone gets a random number.  Someone in the audience will take the painting home.  Who will it be?

*** "With an expansive spirit we feel unlimited, joyful, and creative," Oprah Winfrey

**** "Enjoy Your Own Show~" Master Chen

Fun With Paint!

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Dahlis Roy: Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Images by Dahlis
Blue Butterfly Sketch, ink drawing

Cheetah, Fun With Paint, photo by Dahlis