Saturday, April 2, 2016


Round the Barn Games


I love the Carousel~

I love music box tunes, the chimes, the pounding drum, reflecting mirrors, the jumping horses,  love it all~

In Kennywood Park, west Mifflin, Pennsylvania USA, I rode the antique Denzel Carousel.... Round and Round in Circles.

"Aren't you dizzy?"


"Want to try another ride?"


* On a Carousel, "Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round Again with You...." 

My Dad took a shining bright photo of me on a horse Now it is "somewhere in a box."  The photo won a prize. 

Art Studio Study Time was the Carousel:  Denzel, name of carvers of the original wooden horses. Learned muscular structure, facial expressions, personalities, even  tendons in legs were visible, a hoof up close and personal appeared.  I saw close up how to paint dapple grey!  I drew it all in sketch books and scraps of paper.

"Repetitious Ride"  I liked it!  I like the "no surprises format."  Freedom of thought, no bumper cars or swan boats for me!

Music in a repeated format and the carnival sound of the ancient music box from Germany enhanced my enjoyment over and over again.

**  Even today I love the repeating music track here at home.  I like  predictable music, a backdrop for writing and painting.  Music is a white wash of white noise, spurring creativity in action.

My Dad left to shoot more pictures, my Mom stayed and sat, knitting and waving from the sidelines.

Roll of Tickets

Changing Horses after every ride, all colors, all poses, I love them all~

Rewind A Memory Today~

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Carousel: Denzel, Kennywood Park, Google Images

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Images by Dahlis:
Carousel Memories, photo 

Horse "Imagine" pastel painting