Thursday, June 18, 2015


Flash Forward~

Open a book at random, any book, any where, anytime, or an E-book, scroll down without looking at the text and let your eyes and mind open to focus on the first sentence you see.

What is it?  

I recognized the book instantly by the feel of its cover, *The Alchemist, 25th Anniversary Edition, by Paulo Coelho.

First I saw at the top of the page 32, a black and white drawing of a butterfly!  "I am in the right place," I thought.

Next I placed a finger on some words and opened my eyes to read:

* "He was really a king.  He must be disguised to avoid encounters with thieves."

When you are ready to write, set a timer for ten minutes and weave a spontaneous story around your chosen words: images, facts, fiction, fantasy, ancient or modern or a blend of each and all. 

Choose any medium, online, private digital, phone, tablet, type or record your voice or even (gasp) use paper and pen.  Set Yourself Free Without Boundaries

NO EDITING (help) 

Ready, Set, Write!

He was really a King.  He had a plan?  What was it?  Sitting on the mountain top is easy.  The king smiled.  He loves solitude, quiet time for thinking and reflecting.  

Suddenly he needs a horse.  He feels he must escape from the mountain and go into the forest.  He feels intuitive danger.  How will he escape and save the sacred scrolls of knowledge he wants to pass along for others?

In his imagination he calls the horse.  A steed appears out of the mist.  The horse is a light chestnut color with flowing mane and tail.  The horse is dressed with fancy bridal of woven red and blue and flowing beige robes for a saddle.  

The king disguises himself in the beige plain robes of a peasant.  He picks up his sword and his scrolls.  The warrior knows how to protect himself.  He grabs clusters of nuts and berries from nearby bushes.  He carries a flask of fresh water.

He takes off down the mountain path.  Halfway down the sparse path, he feels intuition again.  The disguised king sets his horse free of bridal and trappings. The horse takes off back up the mountain.

Under cover of knight, [I really wrote it that way] the king enters the is dark and cool in the woods.  He feels safe and comfortable. He sees a strange glow and follows it.  At the edge of the forest he sees the river bank!  There is a flat boat waiting there for him....

* "To realize one's destiny is a person's only obligation," The Alchemist

Have fun with words (worlds) use Mental Gymnastics of  **"Flash Writing."

I was looking for something "easy" today yet new and out of my comfort zone.  I like this writing technique and will try it again.

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Tapestry, photo by Dahlis

Glow in the Forest, oil painting by Jan