Thursday, June 25, 2015


What will appear today for writing and discovery?
In the previous post Write This Way, I wrote spontaneously, "There is a flat boat waiting there...."


On my way to my yet unknown writing adventure, I open * Debra Basham's blog and read:

You Are Everything
"A guided meditation to help us imagine a world of infinite possibilities I leaned while sitting under a Catalpa tree smelling the sweet blossoms falling all around us."

Imagine you are out on the ocean with many other boats,  It is a beautiful day.  The water is smooth.  You put on your scuba equipment and dive deep down to the ocean floor.  Everything is move effortlessly.

 As you surface from your dive, huge waves are rolling.  The sea has become stormy! People on the boats nearby are yelling for help....The Coast Guard has been called.

You determine the best help you can be is to go back to the depths where you are safe and calm.  Your feet are securely on the stable ocean floor.  

Once there, you imagine your arms stretching way up to the surface and begin to help the people caught in the storm.  

You lift many people into the Coast Guard Vessel where they are safe.

Next, my imagination had me lift a Saint Bernard, then an elephant, and then an airplane before I was shone a hospital  where this same imaginary procedure process of helping people was happening....

As I read Debra's story, I received two healing images:  One was a group of blue whales of all ages, swimming effortlessly and harmoniously in the azure ocean.  I felt deep peace. 

** The second set of mental images was a video on You Tube, Gregg Braden visits a Beijing Hospital, showing a group of Chinese Doctors using Chinese Energy Healing techniques to help heal a cancer patient in a few minutes using no anesthesia and no surgery.  I felt positive energy.

*** "We are on the same boat," Master Weiqi He, co creator of 18 Form Taiji Qigong

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* Debra Basham, author, spiritual teacher, CHTP NLP, HTt, RMT.
Read entire story post June 20, 2015, You Are Everything
Blog:  Yellow Brick Road Your Path to Heart and Health
Excerpts reprinted with permission

** You Tube, Gregg Braden, spiritual teacher, observes Chinese Energy Healing in Beijing.

*** 18 Form Tai Chi Qigong was created by Master Weiqi He and Master Houseng Lin in Shanghai 1982, practiced worldwide.  Master Wing Cheung, studied with the Creators of the 18 Forms.  Tai Chi free downloads, articles, seminars.  Easy to learn and practice, there are now three different 18 Forms for better health, increased strength flexibility and stamina.

*** You Tube, Coach Weiqi He Shanghai Athletic Palace, 1980's, Weigi teaches children, uploaded by Matt Stampe, May 16, 2013.

Images by Debra Basham
Catalpa Tree in Bloom, 2015
On the Boat Together, featured on a bulletin 
Used with permission