Thursday, May 7, 2015


St. Michael, The Archangel
Recently I placed my impressionistic painting of St. Michael in our "living" room.  Energy radiates outward and inward.  I signed the picture in all four directions and enjoy turning it around "as needed" for a different view.

Jiong Gu, "I keep it simple."  I hear my Tai Chi teacher's voice.

Sitting down to write today (yes please and thank you) I want something "easy!"  A bit of moving wake up centering exercise combo of Tai Chi and Yoga set the stage.  Meditation is in place with toning, at barely audible volume.   Plenty of fresh water and some simple food is here.  Loose and comfortable clothing, sunlight, breathing fresh air.  *Purrfect~

What will happen?  All of my blog drafts, words (worlds) forming on a launching pad, are way too complex for me "today."

What will I write?   I open a page of **Silver Butterfly and read scattered words.  

I began to plan the painting. 

Just two days ago, I had a waking vision while watching TV.  I closed my eyes for a minute and saw an impressionist beach image forming very simple...very paintable. 

The image settled comfortably and stayed with me.  I made a pencil sketch of the memory.

Setting the Stage
Excitement mounted as the future adventure approached. 

On my way to blogging this morning, I saw a picture on ***Debra Basham's Blog, an Inner Child Card called 8 of Swords.  I stopped short~I had seen that image in a sleeping dream just a few days ago.  My mind swirled.  I showed the picture to my husband.  He saw the same image recently..."somewhere on the Internet!"

Early Spring Melted into May

Allegheny Service Berry and Pink Redbud

This morning I looked out at the mauve redbud tree sparkling alone in the sun.  The little white flowered tree pictured comes from the Allegheny Mountains. She blooms in spring and flames with brilliance in the autumn.  Last year our little white Allegheny tree toppled in a wind storm.  

We miss you but you are still here....

Simultaneous Reality

Spontaneous Writing
Get comfortable, breathe and focus.  Set a timer for 10 minutes, or even five depending on your "timing."  Write like crazy without thinking at all!  Thinking short circuits the free flow of energy.  Freedom from thought, grammar, spelling, sentences, logic, "see" what appears. 

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Images by Dahlis
St. Michael the Archangel, oil painting

Allegheny Service Berry and Pink Redbud