Thursday, May 21, 2015


Out of Sync?  You Said It!

I certainly have been putting off (avoiding) writing about this experience....Here Goes~

Some months ago I turned on the kitchen sink, but then I could not turn it off!  I had a sinking feeling.  What?  

 I am having an out of sink experience!

Wait a minute!  I can feel the sink with my hands, I am touching it....what's happening?

Am I on the Earth?  Am I between Heaven and Earth?  I do not feel dizzy, I do not feel  nausea.  There are no colors like red and green coming into my eyes.  No chills, No fever.

I looked at my hands, they were transparent!   I looked at the sink, it was translucent!  Think Back to the Future Movie when some objects and photos erased themselves from view..

I seemed to be able to think.  Think heart attack? Think stroke?  Think ER?  Think Out of this World!  I heard a feeling "Remain Calm."

On the way out of the kitchen, I had a light switch event....I touched the switch, I felt the switch firmly on my index finger.  Again my hands and the light switch were transparent.  The light switch did not turn off.  Help!

I felt like slow motion and mired in quick sand.  I had a sinking feeling. 

I glanced up at the ceiling and saw:

Orb or disk shapes in greys and muted pastels.  "Arriving soon, they're coming for me," I laughed out loud.  Think Humor.

I wobbled into another room to ask my husband for help.  He turned off the kitchen sink. Pretty soon I was helped into bed. 

My husband took my pulse, "I can't find it."  No surprises there....

I had some warm water and kefir (like liquid yogurt) spooned into me.  

* Liquids of Life~ 
Coconut Water, pure and unsweetened
Green Drink, no sugar added, plenty of nutrients with a touch of lemon and lime
Coconut Oil, essential short chain fatty acids
Dark Unsweetened Chocolate, semi melted, 1/2 oz a day
I consulted my Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine to see what medical treatment or tests needed from my M.D.  She advised no treatments needed this time, but gave me some stress relieving physical exercises to practice at home to stimulate and relax liver, gall bladder, stomach and solar plexus area "every day."

Time Out
It took me a long time to recover physically.  It took me a long time to recover emotionally.  Was I being "re-wired"?  I took plenty of time to reboot body and reset mental computer with no agenda of "time" in sight.  I felt like a newborn foal learning how to walk for the first time. 

"You are experiencing another dimension," a friend commented.   Others said, "You are having an out of body experience."   

My son Rob said, " It's Paranormalesque."

I will never be the same.....

Out of Sink


** ....we have to take down the wall that separates the natural from the supernatural.  Fortunately that's fairly easy to do since the wall was artificial to begin with."  Deepak Chopra

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By an Unfaltering Trust, "There is no difference between the visible and the invisible~None."

Always consult a qualified medical practitioner when in doubt about your condition.
Charlene Jiang, Great Lakes Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbals, light therapy and more.  Stevensville Michigan USA.   Charlene is an M.D. in China and has extensive experience in cardiology in a Chinese hospital.  She refers me immediately if additional medical help is needed.
I was diagnosed with Gilbert's Syndrome some years ago.  Learn more about Gilbert's Syndrome,  chronic hepatic functional disorder, medical research.  Symptoms may include very low weight, sensitivities to medicines, herbs, light, and noise, rashes, joint pain and fatigue, anxiety, and depression.  Help is here in the form of lower stress lifestyle including Yoga and Tai Chi practice plus Meditation for calming and relaxation, plenty of sleep, and simple whole foods. 

**  The Future of God, by Deepak Chopra.  See "God" in a different Light. Chopra Center Meditation and more.

Ask Your Angels, Alma Daniel, et al , St. Michael prayer to restore energy and cutting cords that bind us, "Re-wiring" angels help adjustments, The Angelic Vacuum Cleaner clears negative energy and restores bent energy to vitality.

Healing with the Angels, Doreen Virtue, "All things Angel"

Hands of Light, Light Emerging, Barbara Brennan, energy medicine, cutting cords that bind, neutralize strong emotions and more

Debra Basham, CHTP, NLP, HTt, RMT, and Joel P. Bowman, Ph. D.  Imagine Healing, guided imagery including Freedom from Pain, Emotional Freedom and more 
Imagine Healing
*Liquids of Life
Help during recovery and everyday as needed

Lifeway Kefir, Greek Style, unsweetened unflavored, live and active cultures, probiotic, tastes like liquid yogurt.  Can be used in smoothies.

Naked Brand pure unsweetened coconut water, plenty of potassium

Evolution Green Drinks, Cold Pressed,  various formulas with or without fruit juices added.  I prefer the green plant formulas rather than the fruit juice with green mixes.

Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil, in glass jar, apply to skin as moisturizer, cooking, and eating

Dark Unsweetened Chocolate, Baker's Brand, for cooking and eating 

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Photos by Dahlis
Light Effects
Kitchen Cup lit by the sun through window blinds

Orbs of Light taken out of a window from indoors looking out at a dark night. What? 

Zigzags of Light, bent by the incoming sun.  I am fascinated by the effects of light.