Friday, August 8, 2014



I'm addicted to Chocolate~

I'm addicted to Thinking!

I'm addicted to Note Taking:
"I wrote it down so I wouldn't have to remember it!"   

I'm addicted to music, softly played, "all music all the time."

I'm addicted to Cheese!  I love dairy from ghee to old fashioned vanilla frozen custard not too sweet and topped with crunchy pecans.

My mind runs 24/7~

For several months last year, I actually tried "dairy free" three days a week to help lower lactose levels.  But  "Dairy" seemed to be something I really need.  What to do?  Recently I tried Kefir, a fermented milk product that is 99% lactose free.  It tastes like liquid yogurt and can be sipped by itself, blended into smoothies, or poured over vegetables, pasta, potatoes, or rice.  Kefir is excellent for probiotic benefits containing live and active cultures.  First In the morning, I sip a cup or two of warm water.  Then I enjoy one cup of Kefir.  A bit later, I start adding food.  I love it!

Now I eat dairy in the morning rather than, my preference, of "All Day All Night Dairy."  I also gleefully went back to small amounts of ghee (clarified butter).  Ghee is also lactose free. Edam cheese, aged Cheddar, Swiss, and pure Parmesan have low lactose levels. I love eating ghee and cheeses sparingly.  I am free of craving constant dairy. (smile)

As a child, the only time I actually ate cold cereal was pouring unsweetened thick whipping cream over (gasp) crisp unsweetened corn flakes.  What a treat!

"Grazing," eating small to moderate amounts of food throughout the day and early evening, is my way.  Separate courses of food feel better for me.  My Dad and I always ate "one thing at a time."

I prefer rich food more than sweets.  How about you?  I love treat foods but not everyday. 

 Crispy French Fries sprinkled with Fresh Olive Oil

"You have a one track mind," my father reminded me often as I hyperfocused on drawing and painting with rapt attention.
I am an all or nothing person~

"I" am "all over the map."  A non-sequential *"Random and Sporatic" mind downloads unpredictably.  "Answers" or "Ideas" may come in months (years) later than the original thought or question.

I have bursts of physical and/or creative energy. 
"The Cheetah and the ice box only run when they need to...."

All of a sudden and unpredictably, a painting or story just happens!

Intuitive Eating?
Ketogenic Diet:  50-70 or even 80 % healthy fats plus small amounts of high quality protein throughout the day, and plenty of vegetables may help some people.  I naturally do not like cake, bread, pasta, pastry or fruits.  How did my body steer me to "cheese and walnuts" for breakfast rather than toast and orange juice?  Every Body is different.

Ketogenic Diet may help some people with seisures, Parkinson's disease, certain types of cancer, some types of ADD/ADHD, Dr. D'Augustino's intrview with Dr. Joseph Mercola June 6, 2013.  Consult a health care professional before experimenting with diets, herbs, supplements or exercise.

Intuitive Eating with Tai Chi and Qigong:  Balance and Harmony
Mostly cooked foods and not too much of any one thing are suggestions.   When I went to my Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor she encouraged me to eat soups, stews, moist foods and plenty of vegetables along with the smaller amounts of protein.  Tai Chi, Qigong, and/or Yoga practice may help calm the over-full or anxious mind.

In the last month I learned to balance foods containing blends of of dopamine (motivational driving foods) with serotonin foods (calming, stress reducing).  Then I added a small amount of fish oil omega three fatty acids, reduced dose (554 mg) every other day.  Omega three fatty acids work best taken with some protein.  These combinations are working to calm my racing mind and reduce frantic feelings of  "too much to do and not enough time." 

Food and Mood Journal helps to identify foods and their effects.  Am I too hyperactive?  Low Energy?  Sleepy? Grumpy?  Angry?  What emotional or physical situations are also triggering these feelings?  Self awareness and meditation may help focus on areas needing attention and change.


Life is an Evolving Door:  What am I learning?

Celebrate You:  Maximize Positives~Minimize Negatives
Ask for Help as needed. 

                           Receive Life with Gratitude

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Photos by Dahlis
Chocolate Tartufo and Golden French Fries, Papa Vino's Italian Kitchen, St. Joseph, Michigan USA.  Chocolate Tartufo is a rich dessert, not too sweet.  Photos taken and displayed with permission.