Thursday, July 17, 2014


Looking into a painting is like looking through a window.

Huang Shan, Yellow Mountains in China, are coming into view.  Years ago I saw a picture of the sacred granite cliffs with far away mountain ridges on a friend's computer, photos she had taken while traveling.  Bits of green sprinkled here and there, clarity and mist combined.  I consciously memorized the scene for future reference.

Later I set out to capture the energy of the sacred mountains.  I chose a canvas that was half painted but wasn't working.  Using elements and colors of the unfinished painting underneath the new one, the thick paint and large worn brush twisted and turned in unpredictable ways!  The rocky style was totally unlike my own!  

I love it~

When the picture was "finished," I noticed a faint "Tai Chi in the Park" words peeking through from under a thin layer of soft blue and muted white brush strokes.  I left them there even though the words were "sideways" on the vertically oriented "new canvas."


Then I loaded a thin chisel brush with thalo blue (a blue green) and tweaked the paint onto the top of the mountain range by turning my wrist with sharp spontaneous strokes.  It looked like a parade of running horses "appeared!"  Where did these mysteries come from?  They had a feeling of Chinese calligraphy about them?

Stepping back, where did this painting originate?  Maybe I should soften it up a bit to be more "me?"  It's not quite "my style."

*Sharon, my angel spoke, "Don't touch it, it's *San's first painting!"

Recently I draped a shawl around the painted mountain scene.  The woven fabric comes from friends from Kun Ming China where they were born.  Subtle colors spoke to me and then blended into the painting to give an increased "depth" of experience, like looking through a translucent window into the heart-soul.

"The Friend is Here," Rumi

Key Word: Angels
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