Sunday, May 4, 2014


**** The Blue Arch~

**  "All my walls stood tall, painted blue...."

Some time ago, I saw this this photo.  The image stuck in my head.   I saw and walked on ancient brickwork, I was the stone cutter, fitting stones and arches together in harmony and balance.  In my imagination, I walked through the arches, what will I explore?

Recently, In Silence and Amazement I read: 
The Quiet Way

* "Your Path is Quiet.  You value solitude in all  aspects of your life.  You can spend large periods of your life alone without feeling lonely.  Your ideal path is one that is very still and quiet.  You want to absorb everything around you without feeling overwhelmed.  You seek meaning in every aspect of life.  And you live very deliberately - both in action and in thought.  You don't like crowds but you do like people.  You value authentic relationships, and you prefer the depth of one on one interaction." 

If I had written a self portrait, this would be it, a painted word image.  

How can this be?
* Recently, there were an assortment of archway pictures presented, just for fun.  Choose your favorite.  Immediately I chose the blue arch!  It called me right away.  

Then several things happened in my mind.  I pictured the above photo my friend, Debra, had taken.  I touched the blue tinged ancient stonework in my imagination.   Next I saw my blog post, Lavender Blue, run through my imagination. 

I felt *** The Camino , a sacred pilgrimage, is near and here.  I felt myself walking alone along a sandy path surrounded by tall grasses and faraway trees.  It was sunny, hot and humid but breezy.  I treasured wearing my giant sunhat and sunglasses plus loose comfortable clothes and comfy shoes.  I had my water and pecans for nourishment.  I was free of location, departure, arrival, planned agenda, and timed schedules.  I walked joyfully and at my own pace, putting each foot mindfully into the sand like a cat.  

Where was I?  Unknown.

After all these reflections, I began to slowly read about my path through the blue arch printed above, exactly like someone had interviewed me.

While reading, here was a calm assurance, a meditation absorbed with an open heart.  I felt a core of inner peace, activity, and happiness.  This is the same creative zone I experience while painting. 

I am grateful for these words, images, cellular memories, and intuition, an "ongrowing" journey. 

How can you describe yourself?

 *** "All You really need in life is plenty of fresh water, a good hat, and a really good pair of shoes!"  Shirley MacLaine, actress, author


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** Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran co-wrote the song, Since Yesterday on Taylor's Red album.

*** The Camino book by Shirley MacLaine, a walking journey of the heart, a sacred space of solitude and reflection.  Shirley MacLaine is an actress, author, dancer, and spiritual teacher.  Quote from Super Soul Sunday, Mar 23, 2014, OWN, Oprah Winfrey's latest interview with Shirley.

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

**** Photo The Blue Arch, viewed in Southern France, published with permission from Debra Basham, author, CHTP, NLP, HTt, RMT

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with Joel Bowman, Ph.D, SCS Matters (SCS is Subtle Communication Systems)
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Silver Butterfly, Create A Vision, oil painting by Dahlis Roy