Friday, May 16, 2014


And here it is May already?   Blooms are late this year.  Baby leaves are pushing through bare bones twigs and limbs.  Slowly the Earth stretches and becomes pink, white, and green again.  


Take a few minutes for yourself each day.  I am getting better at cut and paste quick quiet moments.  Recently I extended my breath to fill my full lung capacity (new for me).  I even breathed deeply with a purring Sancat on my lap.  I like it!  My grandfather loved saying, "Deep breathing is the Science of Health!"

Then I started practicing Tai Chi forms in the spontaneous moment.  Increased inner peace is happening.  I slowed down my Tai Chi practice to include the full breath (most days).  I still like Tai Chi at various speeds, or slow and fast even during the same session as "time" permits. 

*  "The mind (Intent) leads the qi (energy)," Dr. Yang Jwing-ming.  

What is your intent today?

Get Started Meditating

Free yourself of rituals, schedules, locations, rules and routines.  There is no right or wrong path to bring your mind into stillness.  Your Comfort~Your Way

Pleasant Moment 
Fresh flowers, calming music, dim the lights, light a candle, look out or go outdoors for fresh air, view something green, gaze at a picture you like.  Close eyes, picture color/colors.  Let them appear.

Sit or Stand Quietly.  
Relax and breathe at your comfort level.  I free myself from counting a certain number of breaths.  Continuous relaxed breathing feels best for me rather than holding the breath at the highest expansion or exhalation.  With each breath, Inhale to feel active fresh energy followed by detoxing exhaling.  Cells open to receive and release in balance and harmony.   Body, Mind, and Spirit radiate with increased joy.  Stretch and drink plenty of fresh water after your meditation.

Be Active!   
Yes, my favorite is moving while meditating.  I find it tedious to sit still.  Walk in the fields or indoors if rain or chill is present.  Erase conscious thinking and clear your mind and body for awareness and gratitude in the moment.  Feel refreshed and energized.  Take a Yoga Break or Tai Chi Practice.  A short "stretch and breathe" can reset your mental computer and loosen muscles and tendons.  You can feel increased peace and well being. 

May is National Meditation Month.  Meditation sitting, standing, or moving, can reduce stress, anxiety, and blood pressure.  Practice can increase creativity, mental clarity, and energy levels.

Mindful Eating:  Savor the moment, each bite, each aroma, alone or in pleasant company.

Mindful Sleeping:  "Listen" to relaxation music or guided meditation while you sleep.  Turn volume to zero and know frequencies and vibrations are reaching you and encouraging rest.  I do this often, even for a 10 minute power nap, free of ear buds of other electronic hook ups near you.

** Mindful Breathing:  "Three Deep Breaths and A Smile," Rudi Tanzi, Ph.D.  Feel better instantly.

"I Don't Have Time to Meditate."
 *** "Sit in a Chair and Breathe One Minute!"  Jou, Tsung Hwa

**** "All is Possible with the Mind,"  Paul Lam, M.D.

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Super Brain book by Deepak Chopra, M.D., and Rudi Tanzi, PhD.

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Dahlis Roy, Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Allegheny Service Berry and Redbud, photo by Paul
Forsithia and Dewdrops on Wood Violets, photo by Dahlis