Thursday, February 6, 2014


Traveling to Chicago for an evening seminar in near zero weather years ago seemed outrageous, but we went anyway....Sun set over frozen fields, Claude Monet is near.  As I watched color patterns change and glow, I imagined a picture of Monet' winter painting in the Haystack SeriesHis painted haystacks frosted with snow and winter sun matched the landscape textures and energy I saw in person out the car window: ice blues, turquoise, violets, pinks, and oranges subtle and vivid simultaneously.

I coined and painted a poem in my head, writing it down later in choppy words and phrases:


Air: crackling cold

Snow crunches underfoot

Tingles to breathe.

Monet's blue/violet winds through snow choked fields,

Over bluffs, up banks,

Barn roofs shadowed, brushed in blue.

Cotton candy drifts mound 'round snow fences

Like ice/sand sculptures/dunes.

Round bushes crowned with icing:  giant cupcakes.

Sculpted snow, pink tint, surreal landscape from a distant planet,

Ever present blue of winter's paintbrush

                                 glides over ice patterned canvas.

* "Miles are Covered One at a Time...."

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Dahlis Roy, Visionary Artist Author and Tai Chi Instructor

Paintings by Dahlis:
Impression, Painting with Light, detail of sunset, oil painting

Ice Patterns, oil painting, detail