Wednesday, February 12, 2014


What is Heart, Imagination, Creativity?

What Isn't?

Where is the Soul?

"Where is it not," Gary Zukav

* Floating Leaf:  Imagine!

As we approach Valentines Day 2014....I think of ribbon and lace!  I also think of candy, dark chocolate covered vanilla creams!  I remember Valentine Boxes at elementary school where we'd drop in our creations for classmates.  Some years we made our own.  My Mom helped me cut out the heart shapes and glue the trimmed paper lace doilies in place.  Later we all went for simpler boxed Valentines.

I remember saying, "How come the Valentine's Heart doesn't look like the human heart pictured in books?"

I got no answer, until years (eons) later.  I met my friend, Louise, in a bookstore cafe for our  sharing of minds and hearts.  Together we opened a book called Light Emerging, The Journey of Personal Healing by Barbara Ann Brennan.  We leafed through the pages and (imagine) there was a couple in love pictured standing holding hands.  The artist had "painted" pink (the colors of love) and soft gold radiating from each person!  As their hands and hearts joined, their blended energy fields merged above their heads, dipping down to enclose both of them in a pink gold rimmed "heart shape" of energy-love! 

"That's it!  That explains the Valentine Shaped Heart," Louise exclaimed.

What is HE(ART)?

Heart Play can take any forms you choose as you open your awareness to receive beauty and possibilities around you.

I am thinking about crayons!  Once in a while I love to get out my old crayons and have a fun adventure!  Let it Happen!

Bright Idea!

Home is where the He(art) is!

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* Floating Leaf, overhead tree branches are reflected in the puddle, contributed photo Debra Basham

Bright Idea, crayon and ink sketch by Dahlis Roy