Thursday, January 9, 2014


Printed sheets of words appear as if by magic, excavated from archives of boxes and folders.  I greet each story-friend with joy, a family reunion experience.  Meanwhile a storm came blowing in sporting sub-zero temperatures.  Horizontal snow sheets danced furiously like grey-white billowy clouds of light.  "No wonder bears hibernate." 

Many years ago I wrote about Another Dream:

Sculptures in Snow
Picture an art gallery exhibition in your imagination.  Instead of paintings on the walls, in my dream, I had carved out snow sculptures using cutting tools and carving on rectangular blocks of thickly packed snow.  These hung like paintings on the white walls of the minimalist gallery, a Zen Space. 

Many people were there to view the art show.  Everyone was dressed up fancy.  The snow sculptures were mostly abstract designs with shapes like rods and cones and prehistoric plant forms.  Hard, frosty chiseled edges were displayed in three dimensional white.

The dream was free of bright colors with some muted ochres, creams, greys, and faded denim blues.  I did not recognize any of the viewers, but they were quite fascinated with the designs.

Later I went down the line of sculptures walking quickly past untitled works.  I came to the last one, a blank snow canvas.  Nimbly I picked up a tree twig shaped like a pointed chisel tool and carved out a 3-D relief image of a white butterfly with wings unfolded.  I felt like an ancient stone cutter, I felt like a cave painter!  Then with a slender flexible twig I added pencil thin antennae to the Silver Butterfly.  I smiled to myself.

Turning to the art show viewers I said:
"Nothing is permanent, all is transient.  This, too, will melt away."

Like snowflakes soft and gentle, may peace come to us all.

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Dahlis Roy, Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Photos by Dahlis
Sculptures in Snow, 3-D white, a fish tail appears or a wing tip shape?

Waves of Snow, look at the right side of the photo, slide left to first big square and scroll up to the second big square.  See two black dots 3/4 of the way up and to the left, on my big screen this looks like a bear's ears and face.

Leopard Print and Giant Oak Tree