Thursday, January 2, 2014


 Sacred Scrolls

Riffling through sheets of random paper, sorting, organizing, and discarding duplicates of already published documents, I stopped stock still!   I held in my hands a poem, I recalled it often....but then it had escaped into the archives of (oh no) hard copy storage.

And there it was in all its glory, a poem co-written with a mentor/friend of long ago.


       A story is sleeping like a seed under the winter snow.

    It is time to coax the flower to life with the coming of April.

                  *  "That's a Book!"  Are We Listening?

God Speaks to Us:

                         In whispers and thunderclaps,

                 In the quiet of gentle rain and autumn nights.

                       In crystal winters diamond cold.

                             Ice melts into April mist.

            A mare nuzzles her newborn foal in the foggy dawn.

              A kitten purrs furiously and rubs "good morning."

       A puppy barks joyfully, running and jumping with his human.

The telephone rings, a friend's voice soothes, a letter comes
                                                     at just the "right moment" in time.


                Louise reminds us:  "God Speaks to Us in Moments of Joy ." 

"Let the petals of your life unfold like a rose opening, one at a time and each in perfect order," Louise Watson, R.N.


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Sacred Scrolls, photo by Dahlis, like ancient times I write and scribble on rolls of blank paper.

Rose in Full Bloom, photo by Paul

* Dahlis Roy: Artist, Author and Tai Chi Instructor
"That's A Book," became , over the course of 24 years, Silver Butterfly, Create A Vision, the preview for Out of the Blue.