Friday, August 23, 2013


 Oak Seedling with Photographer

Who Am I?

Looking out at a vast expanse of kitchen, dishes waiting patiently.  "Paperwork" is creeping like a cat nearby.  

 I sighed.  What to do first?

I want to write, but...."Later?"

My husband spoke up, 
"My new philosophy is I do what Popeye does! "


 "I Am Who I Am!  
      I Am Where I Am! 
               I Am Here Now!" 

He continues, "And everything will be done in its own Time.  I used to fret about things to do next.  What I should do?  How can I achieve better, faster, easier and more efficiently?  I am learning to enjoy the moment now."

 So "now" I am writing.... 

                                                                            Cut * Paste * Create

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Popeye the Sailor (1930's), Felix the Cat (silent film debut 1919), Steamboat Willy (1928), and Krazy Kat and Scrappy (1930's).  Steamboat Willy, Walt Disney Productions, was the first cartoon with synchronized sound. 
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Dahlis Roy, Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Oak Seedling with Photographer by Paul
Cut, Paste, Create by Dahlis