Saturday, August 17, 2013


Dragon, Fish, Shell, Seahorse, Amoeba?  Feel the sea/sky in the patterns.

*  I saw an author interview:
The Nature of Spirals by Karen Armstrong

Later, I raced Cheetah-like through a store hunting down a cotton blanket....  then a spiral caught my eye! 

It was BLUE in a patterned quilt!  The item was all cotton and thin fabric like my Mom and Grandma made by hand!  It was 55% off and we had an additional 30% off our entire purchase that day.  The design was patchwork as Ma (Grandma) had made, every stitch patterned with love and memories.  This quilt was affordable....I bought the small (twin) size.  I wanted the quilt to lay on top of a bigger bed, as my Mom had done. 

For years I had pictured a dream quilt and here it was in BLUE~and the quilt was MINE, All MINE!   I put the prize package into my cart.  I cannot believe it~Oh, Yes, I CAN!  

Connie, my Mom, had hand embroidered a yellow cross-stitch quilt in squares to be joined together later.  This quilt lay on my bed as a child, soft, comfortable, light yet warm.

When our girls were very little, my Mom bought me a quilt kit!  There were squares to embroider.  The colors were cool, greens, blues, and purples.  The pattern was a classical Williamsburg (VA) quilt design!  We lived near Colonial Williamsburg then in a time of sunshine and flowers.  The therapy stitches calmed my mind.  This was needed meditation way before I started to knit again and later practice Tai Chi.

Patches of Sacred Blue

** What is Spiralling into "Control?"  Teresa mentioned "intent" and "control" in Tai Chi practice.  "Control" being related to attention, focus and relaxation, connected with positive outreaching "intent."  Daily gratitude for letting go, tapping into the spontaneity of the moment, vast appreciation for nature, and processing incoming ever evolving stimuli is a benefit of mindful Tai Chi daily practice, alone or in groups.

Spiralling energy can be experienced in Silk Reeling exercises practiced by some Tai Chi/Qigong practitioners.

I re-live visiting the Guggenheim Museum, a spiral design in my imagination.  I picture my shells, mirroring patterns in the quilt.  I bring in a moment of still silent calm as I take the photographs.

 Moments of Timelessness

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The Guggenheim Museum designed by Architect Frank Lloyd Wright, New York City USA

* The Nature of Spirals book by Karen Armstrong, interview with Oprah Winfrey, OWN Network, 2013

A Gift from the Sea book by Anne Morrow Lindbergh  Teresa Ferrill, owner, St. Joseph, (SW) Michigan USA.  Tai Chi and Yoga, various instructors  18 form Taiji Qigong (Shi Ba Shi) is taught by Master Wing Cheung who worked with the creators of the form.  Free DVD download and more.   Paul Lam. M.D. Tai Chi for all levels of practice, enjoy better health with Tai Chi for Health forms designed by Medical Doctors and Tai Chi experts.  Articles, research, free online newsletter, You Tube free lessons

Blue Patchwork Quilt, Sonoma Life & Style from Kohl's.

The Gift of Spirals: Yin and Yang Circling

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Photos by Dahlis
Sacred Spirit, What Do You See?   
Patchwork Prints 
Sea Spiral
Timeless Design 
Gift from Tai Chi Friends