Friday, July 12, 2013


                                                                                              Silver Lining

The Big Picture

*  "The sun rises...I breathe deeper than the ocean,
caught in the clouds chants vibrate my soul...and circle....

I am heady.

My soul wafts from left to right, in tradition....young monks chant with drums....

The room becomes a dance--

I am lost.  But found in that I am not alone.  

Suddenly I wish I were.

Loose, free, absorbed.  
For a moment, I am free and there is no hiding from 
In the chant
                 In the breath          
                                 In the smile
                                                  In the journey

This is the moment."

Journey to Forever
Seems as if there are more "ah ha" moments lately:  increased intensity, heightened enthusiasm, "chance" happenings, shared information yet only what is needed in moments free of excess.  Gentleness Abounds and Love of Nature, our silver linings of the soul, create spontaneous evolving life tapestries full of color and life:  Every One Unique. 

*  Tina Sipula, Journey to the Top of the World, poem From Katmandu to Tibet

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Volunteer Maple Tree Showing Its Silver LIning by Paul
Grand Tetons (USA) by Susanne