Thursday, July 25, 2013


We love photos of all kinds~digital has opened up many worlds for us and instantly!  We love instant!  We want it sooner than NOW and going world wide effortlessly....

Catch The Moment
Breezing through my kitchen I caught the light one morning.  Stopped. Stared.  Camera in hand, I preyed and captured the image of sunlight reflecting through half open window blinds.  The image appeared as mostly black and white and completely unplanned.  If I had been even a minute "later" the sun would have shifted to a different pattern or perhaps no pattern at all.  

I reflected back to Op Art Artists.  I saw dots on Cheetahs, stripes on Zebras, boa patterns on a clouded leopard.  She is reptilian.  Animal parades, painted optical illusions, are here.  

I noted how the drinking glass, partly filled with water, fractured the light and bent it into monochrome prisms.  If I had planned this shot or tried to paint an image like this would it have happened?  

"I have 3,000 photos on my iPhone," someone told me.  We love this!  We love breezing through fields of images, like a walk through gardens of the imagination.  We love being armchair tourists and call up sacred sights on our computer/phone/tablet etc.  Instant search brings infinitee study of a building or a painting.

Photography 101
Just recently I saw an ad for the 10 o'clock news.  A professional photographer was going to give hints about how to use digital photography.  I wrote a note remainder to watch the program.  (Yeah, I still write notes on paper.)  Never understanding my camera manual or even looking online, I watched the presentation.

The clip was fun and informative.  Using pocket digital cameras/phones the best hint I learned is to not use the zoom!  Get as close as possible to your subject!  Yes!  This way the focus, clarity, and composition are much better.  I am a zoom in and shoot photographer!  I prefer cropped images and close up details.  In the film SLR days, I used the zoom option and loved it.  Now I am getting the images I want with my pocket digital! 

I am grate-full that my photography question was answered and all by the intuition of seeing an ad for the news, on a channel I have never watched!

I love digital, I love deleting instantly.  I love editing, yet the best photos, like the best paintings, are unretouched. 

Get the Picture!

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