Saturday, February 11, 2012


Hand Made
When I was eight years old my Mom and I shopped for dry goods, "fabrics."  Connie, my Mom, saw a fascinating pattern in a  magazine.   Connie was very ceative with sewing, knitting, design, and music.  We selected bright red felt and lace trim!  I helped trace the large hearts and smaller heart shapes from cardboard templates onto the oh so soft crimson felt.  Slowly and carefully, I cut out the felt hearts! 

Play Time
Then I played with my plastic model horses and dogs while my Mom began piecing together and hand stitching the completed Valentine heart-gifts.  When you lifted up the smaller heart, pictures cut from magazines or family photos could be tucked inside a small cut out area and given or sent as gifts for friends and family. 

Happy Valentine's Day~And Every Day!

Always Love Gifts

"A pet is a good friend."

"A green plant gives love."

"The best gift is a hug, one size fits all, and no one minds it if it returned."

"Hand made gifts keep on giving, a hand written letter, a phone call, a quiet prayer all speak Love Unlimited"

*  "Love is a daily choice," Goldie Hawn

                                     Hand Made Lace from Ireland

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Photos:  Hearts of Love, and Emilie's Gift, Irish Lace photos by Dahlis Roy