Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Split Infinity
We had an informal Tai Chi practice group, under the trees in a local park the summer before I was promoted to teach Tai Chi.  Every weekday morning, for one half hour from 7:30-8AM, our group met, weather permitting.  We warmed up informally and practiced Yang Long Form Tai Chi then cooled down.  After practice people stayed and talked or left for work or other commitments.  We became a Tai Chi family.  In China people meet for Tai Chi and share joys and concerns, a journey of becoming.

It was that summer I began to hone the details of the Yang Long form.  Little did I realize I would be promoted to teach Tai Chi in the fall in two separate locations!  As the morning friends went on to separate journeys and locations in the early fall I wrote:


Languid afternoons of rest and recreation

The cat stretches and yawns.  She extends her claws...and practices Yoga.

Thunderbolts split the night!

Morning wind caresses the grass:  there is music in the pines.

Unsettled turmoil all around:  new beginnings invite explorations.

Wellsprings of creativity spring up like fountains:

Words and pictures tune in from nowhere.

Sounds of laughter echo in the fields.

I feel like Celtic Oisin riding his horse over the ocean.

Orion, the Hunter, stares down from the heavens previewing the chill
of winter.

The great Wolf joins him, Sirius star glows, a blue-white celestial diamond.

We've split apart like stray ping-pong balls running wild in the universe....

How like now!  With so much intensity and adventure, we find our quiet harmony in the glow of Tai Chi practice with universal friends.

*"Live within it, write about it," Donovan Leitch

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