Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Paintings flow out more energetically than ever now though the subjects, born of color and timeless moments, become, for the moment, veils of ethereal visions.  A Tai Chi student commented that the pink angel enclosed within a heart shaped aura and sporting wings like fountains reminded her of William Blake's angels.  I unearthed my Blake book and took a peek.  Two angels greeted me from the pages.  Enveloped in light, their wing tips met in a silent touch overhead.

"You should paint something normal," Paul told me recently, "Like a Cheetah or something." 

"Yeah," I thought "Just to keep in me touch with the wild and domestic (is there a difference?) animal painter within.

I settled comfortably into writing, loving the tapping rhythm at the keyboard and remembering the round white keys with black letters on my Dad's typewriter.  There I happily banged away for hours striking the keys, teaching my inner child to type.  My Dad showed me how to press the shift key....we are still pressing the shift key!  And now we are shifting into higher gear....

I put on music, the frequency of the day is Simon and Garfunkle's Bleeker Street.  I hum along picking up the lilting harmonic tones.  It feels so good, almost unreal to write like this, unplanned streamers of thought energy...Zen-like.  "That's what Tai Chi teaches," I think.  "The secret of not thinking is...not thinking!"

Reflecting:  Marian, one of my Tai Chi students, told me an amazing story.  Marian went to a shelter to pick out a pet cat.  As she passed by, one of the cats chose Marian and reached out through the wire and touched her.

"I'd like to see this one," Marian said.

"She's not a lap sitter," the helper replied.  "Her name is 'Mairna,' just like your name only the letters are in a different order." 

"Oh, no that's not her name!"  Marian exclaimed as she lifted the cat to her, "You're my Angel!"  A spirit bond partnership began although Angel is usually called "Sweetums" at home. 

Months after getting the cat, Marian came to my Tai Chi class.  Sean, one of my Tai Chi instructors and an artist reminded me, "Whoever is in class is called to be there if only for a little while."  Marian and I talked after class.  I gradually got to know Marian better. Then I gingerly told her about connecting to your angel.  You "just ask" for the name in a quiet moment, and when you are ready.

Marian took her time, and when the moment arrived for her to ask for her Angel's name, it came spelled out M-a-i-r-n-a!  "I had to ask several times to be sure." 

I remembered when I asked for my Angel's name, I asked three times, not wanting to "believe" it was Sharon.  Finally she said, "It's Sharon, you're stuck with me, Kid!"

Several days after finding her Angel's name as Mairna, Angel Cat and Marian rested at home.  Marian got up and started toward the bookcase, searching for something to read.  A book dislodged and suddenly dropped to the floor with a bang.  Marian reached down and picked up the book.  The name of the book was Ask Your Angels!  This is the same book a friend gave me a year ago!

Marian remembered her deceased son's words, "Here, Mom, read this sometime."  Marian and Doug have a special connection across a bridge of timeless infinity.  "I should read this now?"

"There are such things you know," I ponder. The phrase, "expect a rainbow" enters my keyboard.  Lately I have sent rainbow light to people needing prayer or even a visual rainbow.  I can picture a person lit up with the full spectrum of the rainbow radiating up and around them in a heart shaped aura.  When I picture a couple, I can envision them both within the heart shaped vibrating rainbow of love and light.  When I see a rainbow or a prism, I think of my Angel-Friend Louise, connecting from beyond. Today, Caroline sent me a surprise package of note cards with the rainbow circling up through a heart shaped cloud.  I write, "Love is a Rainbow!"

Angel Cat
Some time after writing Marian's Angel story, I painted an image of a solid orange cat peering into a mirror and "seeing" the reflection of an Angel in the glass.  Years later, Mrs. Harris, our orange kitten, was sitting in the hall. "That's It!"  I told Paul, "I have a painting downstairs that looks just like Mrs. Harris painted before she was born!" 

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William Blake, The Seer and His Visions by Milton Klonsky

Ask Your Angels, Alma Daniel, Timothy Wyllie, and Andrew Ramer,  meet and work with Angel companions.  Reflections Tab, Tribute to Hans, Animal and human communications.  Pam Kircher, M.D. is author of audio book Love is the Link, A Hospice Doctor shares her experiences of near death and dying.  Pam is a member of Dr. Paul Lam's Tai Chi for Health International Teaching Team,  Lucy, Chet's cat purrs along with nature sounds and binaural beats for a relaxing and healing experience.  Joel P. Bowman, Ph.D, and Rev Debra Basham, CHTP, HTt, RMT  inquiries or request free PDF E-book, Silver Butterfly, Create A Vision

Angel Cat, painting by Dahlis Roy