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"Space is the canvas matter paints itself upon," Rob

The Visible Journey
Recently I collected myself for an invisible journey, accompanied by energies and thoughts of family and friends and animals and angels: "The Posse."  I like this!

How would I get to my destination?  How would I keep calm, centered and focused?  I tried something new!  I packed without a list!  I promised myself I would take notepaper, but be free of written notes! How will I do this?  I took along a small gift tote bag from Thailand filled with sacred treasures:  a scarf, two small polished rose quartz pebbles, rosaries from various friends, sacred calligraphy symbols, a balsa wood horse figure and many more small items.

My assignment:  Letting Go, Trust, and Intuition

My Wish:  "Arrive Without Traveling," Tao Te Ching

My Destination:  Terre Haute, Indiana USA for Dr. Paul Lam's pre-conference workshop Tai Chi for Arthritis Fall Prevention and Seated Tai Chi for Arthritis instructor certification.  One day of travel and two days of seminars plus home is just right for me, a three day sprint.

Small travel bags in hand, my husband, Paul, and I began the trek south.  It was wonderful breathing the summer air of Indiana and feeling Illinois close by. I loved feeling again the land we left eleven years ago, the land where I first experienced and taught Tai Chi.

Many Stories: One World
The Tai Chi seminar was set in a small Catholic Girls' College, St. Mary of the Woods.  The spacious country campus is dotted with huge green trees.  There is a labyrinth, chapel, grotto, shrine and church.  Many buildings date from 1840, sporting tall ceilings, soft wood floors, marble stairs, sparkling stained glass scenes and angel paintings.  The buildings and grounds have a European feel.  I am walking on sacred ground.

Many come from all over the world to experience Dr. Paul Lam and his International Teaching Team, the Master Trainers.  I let intuition lead me as I met others, all with valuable stories and lessons to share.  Dr. Lam mentioned the principles of "song" (loosening) and "jing" (the quiet mind).  Master Trainer, Jef Morris added "letting go" during seated Tai Chi.  A very large group practicing Tai Chi together imparts harmony of "all one energy" free of ego, judgement and competition. 

"All is possible with the mind."

Twice in a Lifetime
During the Tai Chi weekend I experienced gratitude of being healthy, in complete wholeness, and sharing with others in a safe and comfortable environment.  I felt surrounded by invisible energies of animals and friends, far and near.  I absorbed the gold-silver frequencies of Angels and Archangels. 

At night I wrapped myself in a small candy pink blanket I had purchased recently.  I relaxed while feeling love from friends and family back home, and enjoyed deep restful sleep. 

When my son, Rob, led me to his Tai Chi class, I was fifty two years old.  I worked with Rob for eight months at home until I was strong enough to go to class.  The first day of class, my life began to change.  I met Jiong Gu, a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Later Dr. Gu promoted me to lead the Yang Yang Form (88 pattern variation) with music accompaniment he had learned from his family in Shanghai as a young boy.

Tai Chi gave me my life back!  I began to write a vision book, Silver Butterfly and teach Tai Chi.  My paintings took on new jewel like colors and energy.  I became young again!  Dr. Gu encouraged me to meet masters of Tai Chi including Dr. Paul Lam, so that I could experience and learn from experts. 

 "It is good to be young, twice in a lifetime"

The Highway With No One On It
Years ago, I had a dream vision.  I was driving north in my old blue car.  I was alone.  It was raining.  Gradually the sun came out.  It was humid and summer wind whipped into the car.  I felt happy as I drove north.  In my dream, the highway was a peaceful dual road empty of traffic.  

As we moved out of Illinois to our new home, my husband, Paul, and I traveled north on highway 41.  We were driving separate cars.  When I pulled onto the road following Paul, I recognized the empty highway in my dream!  I felt great adventures lay ahead!

Driving toward home on the same highway, 41 north, after the Tai Chi seminar,  "Look, see the sunny empty road ahead!"  It was fun to revisit my dream on the "highway with no one on it!"

Carry Water Chop Wood
What have I learned upon returning home?  The quiet mind ("jing") is more present now with less frantic push to always be reading, drawing, or writing something.  Rob reminds me that process is the journey.  All is process whether painting a picture, building a brick patio, writing a story, brewing tea, or training a puppy.  Down to Earth tasks are equally important such as making buckwheat cakes, washing dishes, processing laundry, or mowing the lawn.  I am feeling increased gratitude for these experiences since the seminar.  My "carry water chop wood" part of the day is helping me feel solid connections to the Earth and sensory experiences.  

Spontaneity feels easier now.

We are expressing the times of our lives!  The journey to eternity begins with one thought, one breath, one step.  It is an ongoing forward moving path.  The invisible and the visible journey are one. 

I opened a new fortune cookie: 
"Sometimes travel to new places leads to great transformation."

*Out beyond the ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing
There is a field
I'll meet you there

The Unfinished Flower by K. Wilson

*The Illuminated Rumi, Translations and Commentary by Coleman Barks, illuminations by Michael Green

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Walkin' By The Water, (Smokey Mountains, TN) and Water, Mist, Mountain photos by Rob

Unfinished Flower, watercolor painting by Kay Wilson.