Saturday, July 29, 2017


** Breathe:  art works by Ivy

Wandering around in my data overloaded picture mind, I mentioned to a friend, "I am overwhelmed."   

"Acceptance" Ivy replied.

Silently to myself I growled inwardly, "How am I going to do that?"  There's that Acceptance word again I had struggled to write about many years ago.  Have I learned anything at all?  Have I let go of agenda or schedule?  Have I ever relaxed?

Today I opened a meditation from *Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra, topic: "Acceptance... and Trust in the Power of Sacred Energy." 

Sacred Energy

Based on the online journal questions included with the meditation, I emoted:

Acceptance is So Hard!  I wrote fast.
I want what I want, I want it NOW, I wanted it Yesterday, Data Overboard, I Love Data!

To My Inner Child:
"For many millions of light years you are rejoicing and struggling in your various light/life forms in the physical and non physical shifts that "You" are:

I pick up the power of YOU, my Inner Child
over focused
wandering traveller
light walker
dream weaver 
creativity coach
spontaneous intuitive inspiration
out of box thinker
rule breaker
flexible non scheduled, in the moment
joy of achievement 
What Else?

painting with light

writing with sound

The Color Blue

Therapeutic Writing!
I Feel better now this is exactly what I need!

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* chopracentermeditation  Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra present 21 Day Meditation Experience, free online July and part of Aug.  Other free meditations and for purchase or download to help you get started in self transformation.  This blog is based on the segment Desire and Destiny, Day 13 Faithful Me, July 29, 2017 optional online journal included to help you focus. 

Over and Over song:  Ben Cooper, Radical Face, Leaves  cut #1

Art Work:
Breathe, Pencil Drawing with Sculpture by Ivy, reprinted with permission

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author and Tai Chi Instructor

Photos by Dahlis: 
** Sculpture with Pencil Drawing "Breathe" by Ivy, printed with permission

"Energy" Stone from the Field Museum of Chicago, IL plus green tree agate, "grounding." 

The Color Blue, light reflected through a blue bottle in sunlight reflects aqua