Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Living Light

In the morning, the phone rang, shaking me out of my daydream, a friend called to chat.  "I need some blue light!"

At that instant, I turned and saw sunlight  reflecting blue through mason jars filled with water.  I quickly took photos knowing that the light was only fleeting and "must take picture now~" while talking.

The swirls of light have a relaxing energizing hypnotic effect. 

I told my friend about the light~"Oh!  I have a blue mason jar and the light will be coming through the living room shortly, I'll put it on the table!  Just what I need right now!"

Total Eclipse of the Clock

 Clouds of light brushed over the "time" of day.

Later, in the afternoon, I glimpsed  "bricks and mortar" in the living room.  The light hit the sandstone and lit up the mortar with a soft turquoise color.  If you look closer, you can see ancient figure-like forms painted in the rocks with the light of nature's paintbrush.  Animals are here!  Or maybe birds~or sea creatures?


I take a visual break and look out the window.  It's a cookie cutter world out there as the evening light pours over the snow covered rooftops,  just like Edward Hopper would have painted them in pale lemon, lilac and candy pink hues.

I thought about Claude Monet's painterly way of creating multidimensional realities with ever changing effects of light and shade.

What about William Blake's visionary poetry, color and light?

Evening begins to deepen, and I spot the last shaft of sunlight splash over a dish of rocks and minerals in the kitchen.  Surprise!  The light photographed blue!  How did that happen?

The next morning I spy sunlight shifting over the oven timer, the feeling of infinity is present in the purple blue split of the beam of light


Take Time for A Breath of Fresh Light~

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Living Light, sunlight through blue mason jars
Total  Eclipse of the Clock 
Bricks and Mortar
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