Thursday, February 5, 2015


* A full hour before the sun appears
dawn begins
eastern sky barely lightens
amber follows, creeping along the horizon

Cloud shapes are grey, then rose
(large fish headed east)
light increases 
from frosted fields mist rises

The road, indeed the day
unfurls ahead of us
this year yet to be trod
stretches into the mist

Time, space, enigma
wide, flat terrain of prairie
days and months marching
toward an unseen horizon

At length the bright orb
appears, lighting the landscape
there is no escape from its light
encompassing all the world I see

Light, even though shielded by cloud
leads around the winter sky
to west and dying day
I enter the challenge
of this day, this month, this year
engage the road ahead

Peace, Love, Joy to you in this New Year,
Isabel Louise Jackson 

Poem and design printed with permission of author

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